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Volunteering at Houston Chapter

10 Dec 2017 10:00 AM | Anonymous

Who We Are

Based on the principle, "Service above self," Sewa International is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping humanity in distress. The Houston chapter works to empower the refugee and immigrant populations in the area by providing them with vital resources that can help them build a better life.

For over ten years, Sewa Houston has been part of a larger international movement which aims to serve humanity irrespective of religion, gender or nationality. Our staff is mainly composed of volunteers committed to helping their local communities through programs focused on refugee empowerment, public health outreach and improving the education of immigrant and refugee students.

What We Do

Sewa has many programs that depend on the support of volunteers. 

1) ASPIRE (Assuring Student Performance in Refugee and Immigrant Education)
At the Los Arcos and San Marcos Apartments in Southwest Houston, we tutor refugee and immigrant grade-school children through our award-winning ASPIRE program. For the past two years, ASPIRE has given students the academic support they need to stay in school, while providing entire families with English Language Learning opportunities. 

2) Alief ISD and LINC (Language Institute for Newcomers)
Sewa has also partnered with Alief ISD's LINC (Language Institute for Newcomers) program. This program provides on-site tutorials to high school and middle school students, with the aim of helping those new to the school system adjust to life in the United States. Volunteers tutor and serve as classroom aides, providing both educational and social support to immigrant students.

3) Local Events and Family Services
Sewa Houston hosts local events to help better serve our community. Each month, we invite volunteers to participate in group service activities that can range from supporting vaccination drives to helping with medical and dental camps for the refugee and immigrant populations we work with. We also offer free health care clinics and hold diabetes treatment seminars using yoga exercises as a part of our Stop Diabetes Movement.

4) Internships for High School and College Students
Internship opportunities with Sewa are available throughout the year in disciplines such as Public Relations and Refugee Empowerment. Our full-time summer internship program begins taking applications online on our website in March and lasts from June 1st through August 1st.

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