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Chapter: Bay Area, CA


Sewa Bay Area is one of the most active Sewa chapters with a wide range of projects and activities like Case Management, Disaster rrecovery, Serve community projects partnered with local nonprofits, the Lead high school community service program, and a summer mentorship for college students. This chapter continues to grow and help families in the San Francisco Bay Area regardless of color gender, race, religion, or national identity. All are encouraged to participate, volunteer, and donate to this growing chapter.


Guru Prasad

Joint Coordinators

- Rajesh Shastry

- Utpal Dixit


 408  300 SEWA (408 300 7392)

 203 USA SEWA (203 872 7392)

Questions relating to help required for COVID-19 - Call Sewa West coast Helplines- 203-872-7392

Donate Plasma for Covid patients in need 

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The Sewa International, Bay Area , CA Chapter invites enthusiast individuals to come forward and help us in our initiatives. Enroll yourself as Volunteer.



Be a part of noble service to mankind!


How to give Back?

Sewa Bay Area have some useful ways to give back to your community and make a difference.

Give Back

Evacuee Resource* List by region: Click Here (Things are changing fast, we are trying to keep this as updated as possible)

California Wild Fires Helpline - 1-866-FOR-SEWA (367-7392)

California Wild Fires

Oct 2020 California fires burnt in San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Solano county. Your donation of $250 will help provide sleeping bags, tent, hygiene kits and water for a family of 4. To donate  click here ; specify CA fires

Sewa had several a give away drive in Marysville, Tracy, Livermore, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara providing food and essentials

Sewa COVID-19 , Wildfire Relief

Sewa International Bay Area Chapter Donates Almost $1 Million of Supplies to Families Hit Hard by COVID Pandemic and Wildfires in Northern California  

San Francisco Bay Area CA (September 27, 2020): Since the pandemic started in March 2020, Sewa International Bay Area Chapter has served approximately 20,000families across Northern California by distributing 200,000 pounds of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, and other essential supplies and donating almost $300,000 to 300 individuals and families devastated by the COVID-19 Pandemic or the California wildfires or, in some cases, both. Close to 90 Sewa volunteers across the Bay Area have given almost 15,000 hours of their personal time over the past 6 months to help the vulnerable populations by organizing continuous donation drives and give away events in cities across the Bay Area, including San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Hayward, Livermore, Concow, Oroville, Santa Cruz and many others.  

For example, some of Sewa International’s more recent events are as follows: 

  1. During the week of August 22 to 28, 2020, Sewa volunteers coordinated the donations of almost 40,000 lbs of fresh produce and supported almost 2000 families from Burma, Crisis Nursery, Redwood City and East Palo Alto. Additionally, more than 35,000 pounds of fresh produce were delivered to the City of Hayward Food Drive at Chabot College in Hayward. 

  2. On Saturday, August 29, 2020, Sewa volunteers organized a school supply and food giveaway for 500 families in Oroville, CA as a drive through event. This event, which was done in partnership with Tiny Pine Foundation and the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, included the distribution of school supplies, fresh fruits and vegetables

  3. During the week of August 30 to September 7, Sewa volunteers participated in and/or organized a series of donation drive-through eventsin Pescadero, CA and in Half Moon Bay, CA.  In partnership with local organizations, Sewa distributed new blankets, books, toys, non-perishable items, hygiene products, new clothes, and packs of 1-gallon water bottles for 200 families.  

  4. On Saturday, September 12, 2020, Sewa donated one huge truck load of hygiene products, batteries, cleaning supplies, diapers,  Sleeping bags, tents, hot food  and 3000 lbs of fresh fruits produce, groceries, gift cards  for more than 500 fire evacuees and needy families in Marysville, Butte County along with Tiny Pine Foundations and several other partner organizations. It was a true act of “Together we serve better”. 

  5. Also, on Saturday, September 12, 2020, in Sewa’s first fresh produce distribution drive, Sewa volunteers with the help of Santa Clara Councilmember Raj Chahal, distributed almost 3000 lbs of fresh fruits and vegetables among the underprivileged community within the City of Santa Clara.    

  6. On Friday, September 18, 2020, Sewa, in collaboration with HCCC Livermore temple and Livermore school district, donated 200 boxes (4,000 lbs) of canned  groceries and fresh fruits and vegetables.  

  7. On Saturday, September 19, 2020, Sewa in collaboration with Tiny Pine Foundation and other  partner organizations, donated one truck load of almost 5000 lbs of fresh fruits and other groceries, hygiene products, batteries, cleaning supplies, diapers, hot food, and gift cards for 700+ fire evacuees and needy families in Oroville, Butte County.  

  8. On Saturday, September 24, 2020, Sewa in collaboration with Tiny Pine Foundation and other  partner organizations, donated half truck load of almost 3000 lbs of fresh fruits and other groceries, hygiene products, batteries, cleaning supplies, diapers, hot food, and gift cards for 5000+ fire evacuees and needy families in Oroville, Butte County.  

  9. On Saturday, Oct 3rd, 2020, Sewa in collaboration with Tiny Pine Foundation and other  partner organizations, donated groceries, hygiene products, batteries, cleaning supplies, diapers, hot food, and gift cards for 1000+ fire evacuees (~300 families) and needy families in Oroville, Butte County.  

  10. On Saturday ,  Oct 3rd, 2020, Sewa international donated 360 Boxes of fresh produce including milk, dairy (lbs 12,5000) to 300+ families in Santa  Clara to COVID  affected families 

  11. Just in the week of Sept 26th to Oct 3rd , Sewa has donated lbs 185,000 and is able to help 500+ families and seniors in bay area. Hayward City has been working with sewa to donate an  average of 1200 - 1500 boxes of fresh produce weekly among all the other partner orgs helping the local community  

Read more about COVID-19 Relief Activites - Bay Area Sewa International

Our local partners:

Sewa International Donates home to Veteran Casey Renfro, May 30,2020

Sewa has been helping camp fire victims since they were impacted in 2018

So far Sewa has donated the third tiny home its volunteers built to Casey, a veteran who had lost his home in the fires that ravished his area last year. Three more tiny homes are being built to be donated by Sewa.

“This is amazing. I had basically forgotten how people should live. It had been so long that I got so used o this tent (that I was living in). I had basically lost hope. This gave me hope. I can become human again…What you all are doing is amazing -- your loyalty and everything. Please keep doing it, if you can,” said Casey in appreciation of receiving his new home.

LEAD Bay Area 2020 - A Program for High School Students

LEAD is a Sewa International's Youth Engagement Program, engaging High School Students to serve the greater community and experience the joy of giving with compassion to create a positive impact. It introduces socially conscious leadership to  young enthusiastic volunteers. The program is an excellent opportunity for High School students to earn community hours. Currently all LEAD Bay Area sessions are online due to COVID-19.

Applications for LEAD 2020 Youth Engagement Program are now open. Last date to register for LEAD 2020 is Jun 15. This is a great opportunity to meet socially aware community leaders, develop leadership, teamwork and organizational skills, serve community and have fun along the way besides achieving Sewa recognition and USA President’s award. (Go to Registration for more Details ...)

Annual Registration Fee: $100 / student. Fees pay the costs of the program throughout the year.Parents need to sign up to volunteer for a minimum of 2 Sewa activities.


The Bay Area chapter of Sewa International initiated the ASPIRE After-School program in 2019 in order to reduce gaps in education for students in the Ravenswood City School District in East Palo Alto. While the school district serves a diverse population of 4500 students across seven public schools, it faces serious challenges such as low educational rankings, a high proportion of low-income students, and homeless students.

With the mission of empowering students intellectually, emotionally and socially, ASPIRE began its pilot program at Costano Elementary School in East Palo Alto in May 2019 and continued till the end of the academic year. Working with fourth-grade students in the after school program during weekdays from 3 to 6 pm, our volunteers helped students with their homework, math, and reading, and engaged them with creative activities.More


Relief And Rehabilitation

Sewa Bay Area has been actively helping California Camp Fire victims from immediate relief, to rehabilitation and currently on to rebuilding tiny homes for the victims. Learn more on how you can support. 

Family Services

Family services are designed to provide families tools for leading more meaningful fulfilling lives.

Volunteer Development

It is viewed as a unique chance for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts.

Upcoming Events

    • 1 Jan 2020
    • 9:00 AM (PST)
    • 31 Dec 2020
    • 11:59 PM (PST)

    LEAD Bay Area 2020 

    Youth Engagement Program for High School Students

    General Eligibility: High School Students. Students should be sincere in their commitment to the values of Sewa with integrity and discipline.

    Selection Criteria: Limited seats, first come first serve basis. Open to all nationalities, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

    Registration Fee: $100  (For a calendar year) ($50 from now to Dec 31, 2020)

    As a part of the LEAD program series, young adults are given opportunities to participate in different activities. Below is the upcoming summer schedule and list of volunteering opportunities. Zoom details will be shared via email to the Lead registrants. 

    Past Activities:
    (Due to COVID-19Currently most of  LEAD activities were held online.)

    Summer Youth Engagement Program – Jun 14 – July 19 
    Speaker Sessions: Design Thinking, Leadership Development, NASA Engineering
    Sewa Project Challenge:
    Sewa Fundraiser: Online Game Day

    Volunteering Opportunities

    InternMart – Internship opportunities

    How to Log Hours

      1) Please fill out this Google form - https://forms.gle/rNYpfHdAbzdTzTcaA

      2)  Make an account on the Sewa USA website - https://sewausa.org to enroll in the program. Once you have an account, start logging hours with Sewa and get it approved by one of the Sewa coordinators.

      After registration, join the WhatsApp Group to get regular updates - https://chat.whatsapp.com/JDMY4t2d5sK8Fv5Muzjk0u 

      NOTE: All the lead kids are requested to sign up and send the below waiver form.


      Contact: lead-ba@sewausa.org for any questions

      • 21 Dec 2020
      • (PST)
      • 31 Dec 2020
      • (PST)

      Past events

      21 Sep 2020 Create for COVID-19: Sewa Arts and Literature Competition
      5 Sep 2020 Sewa Day 2020
      19 Jul 2020 Sewa Summer Camp for High School Students - Animation Camp
      7 Jul 2020 Sewa Math Olympiad 2020
      1 May 2020 Authentic Yoga to Prevent, Control and Manage Diabetes - Register for notification
      4 Apr 2020 Yoga for Diabetes Workshop April-May 2020
      4 Apr 2020 Yoga for Diabetes Workshop April-May 2020
      14 Dec 2019 Bay Area 2019 Annual Banquet
      5 Oct 2019 Sewa Bay Area: Dandiya 2019
      28 Sep 2019 South Bay Math Tournament 2019
      15 Sep 2019 Sewa Bay Area: NatyaSEWA 2019 - Multicultural Dance Extravaganza - Veera
      7 Sep 2019 Authentic Yoga to Prevent, Control and Manage Diabetes
      7 Sep 2019 Authentic Yoga to Prevent, Control and Manage Diabetes
      25 Aug 2019 Sewa Bay Area - Bike/Run/Walk 2019
      16 Jun 2019 LEAD 2019 - Summer Youth Engagement Program
      9 Jun 2019 Cyclone Fani - Fundraising Talent Show
      10 May 2019 Mother's Day - Paint For A Cause
      10 May 2019 Eat Out For Sewa - Mother's Day Weekend
      13 Apr 2019 Authentic Yoga to Prevent, Control and Manage Diabetes
      23 Dec 2018 2018 Holiday Event for Camp Fire Evacuees
      1 Dec 2018 Sewa Bay Area Annual Banquet
      13 Oct 2018 Sewa Bay Area: Dandiya 2018
      15 Sep 2018 Yoga for Diabetes Workshop - Sep 2018
      15 Sep 2018 Yoga for Diabetes Workshop
      11 Aug 2018 SEWA BAY AREA BIKE-A-THON 2018
      12 May 2018 Sewa Bay Area: Stop Diabetes Yoga Workshop 2018
      9 Apr 2017 Sewa Bay Area 2017 Volunteer Orientaion
      9 Apr 2017 Sewa Bay Area 2017 Volunteer Orientation
      3 Mar 2017 Sewa Bay Area: Stop Diabetes Movement(SDM)
      5 Dec 2015 SEWA ANNUAL BANQUET 2015

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