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Cyclone Nisarga Fundraiser

On a fateful morning of June 3rd cyclone Nisarga struck the western coast of Maharastra in the Konkan region. It has affected over 1,500 villages mainly in the Ratnagiri, Raigad and Sindhudurg districts. Thousands of people have lost their homes to the ravaging 100 mph winds and rain. The cyclone has left a harrowing trail of damaged houses, schools, and shops. Electricity lines were damaged leaving thousands without power. The restoration work in remote areas is taking a lot of time. Winds uprooted thousands of trees including plantations of Mango, Coconut, and Betel nut (Supari) which is the primary source of livelihood for many. People are now left with no roof on their homes, and no source of income to allow them to repair the damaged houses. With the onset of the monsoon season in the region it is only expected to make matters worse.

The cyclone will have a long lasting financial, economic, and emotional impact on the region and will need support over several years. For now our project is focused on providing initial relief and rebuilding community infrastructure such as schools and houses for the poor. Our relief plan includes helping the affected population by supplying them with tin-shades and tarpaulins to cover the home roofs. This will help the people to cover the rooftops of their houses which will prevent water leakage from their roof during this monsoon. This intervention will give these people sufficient time to recover (5 to 6 months) to repair their damaged rooftops post-monsoon. Relief efforts in this phase are estimated to cost approx. $35,000

This land is our legacy, our roots - no matter where we live in the world today we all have a connection back to this land which raised our grandparents and great grandparents. We should all come together and help rebuild this land in whatever way we can. No donation is too small – even a small contribution will go a long way to helping those in immediate need. 

Anita Sathe

How Can You Support?

  1. Donate generously: No donation is too small! Most companies match or double the contributions! Please check your company's Matching Gift program.
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    Let us collectively help these communities in need. 

Goal: $35,000

Collected: $2,825


Campaign End Date: 30th Sep 2020

Goal: $35,000.00
Collected: $2,825.00
Campaign End Date: 30th September 2020

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