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Sewa International Listed on Charity Navigator’s COVID-19 Hot Topic Page

25 Mar 2020 11:32 AM | Marketing Sewa (Administrator)

Houston, TX (March 25, 2020): Sewa International has been featured on the Charity Navigator Hot Topic page dedicated to the COVID-19 crisis. Sewa is listed in the Education & Awareness category along with three other organizations. Charity Navigator has devoted this category to organizations that are “Raising awareness of ways to prevent COVID-19 and how to cope with the stress it's causing.”

In a message sent to Sewa, Charity Navigator said it received “an influx of charity submissions to be featured on this list,” and that they had to “re-evaluate who was to be featured on the COVID-19 Hot Topic page. The top 6 list was based purely on Charity Navigator scores.” Charity Navigator also said nonprofits were broken down into sub-categories on the basis of type of relief they were providing.

“Charity Navigator listing Sewa International on the COVID-19 Hot Topics page provides further testimony to the good work Sewa is doing to during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Prof. Sree Sreenath, President, Sewa International. “More than 400 Sewa volunteers are serving on the helpline aiding families, students and seniors. Many Sewa chapters are helping stranded foreign students, distributing masks, gloves, and, personal protective equipment to emergency workers such as doctors and police officers, and, providing groceries, medicines and food to seniors in need,” he added.

Charity Navigator is one of the major American nonprofit rating agencies, and the largest and most-utilized evaluator of American charitable organizations. It recently ranked Sewa International among the Top 10 “Highly Rated Charities Relying on Private Contributions,” with Sewa ranking fifth among the ten listed charities. Sewa has for the last three years continuously scored the topmost-rated 4-star from Charity Navigator, and has earned perfect scores for its Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency.


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