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Sewa International Raises More than One Million Dollars to Battle Coronavirus

7 Jun 2020 7:18 AM | Marketing Sewa (Administrator)

Houston, TX (June 07, 2020): Sewa International’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice President, Arun Kankani announced that the organization had crossed the one million dollar mark in fund-raising over the past ten weeks since Sewa International took on the challenge to battle the pandemic raging across the world. “We are the small engine that can. Our steady, coordinated, hard work in supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to those fighting on the frontlines of this pandemic, as well as providing a variety of support to those who are caught in the web of this pandemic – from stranded international students to people who have lost jobs, and from individuals who are seeking plasma transfusion to providing food and groceries for people in need – has enabled generous donors to understand and acknowledge our work. They have given of their trust and generosity to us, and we thank them for both,” Arun Kankani said.  

In their ongoing effort to help support communities across the country during this unprecedented pandemic, Sewa International has distributed more than 625,000 masks, 63,000 hot meals and food kits, donated more than $100,000 to food pantries, and engaged and coordinated the work of more than 200 professionals including doctors, attorneys, financial and employment specialists to offer more than 90 webinars to provide expert guidance. This work carried out through its 43 chapters in 198 cities across the country, with more than 3,000 volunteers involved in various relief activities unremittingly, has made an impact across communities. Nearly 1,000 Sewa volunteers are engaged in making homemade masks. Sewa International is also running 10 helplines in different metropolitan areas to provide non-medical advice and assistance. Sewa has also helped hundreds of stranded international students and travelers so far, coordinating the work with foreign consulates.

GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency

“While we are in the midst of this pandemic relief work, Sewa received the 2020 Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar.  This highest recognition from GuideStar shows Sewa’s commitment to transparency,” said Arun Kankani. As per information from GuideStar, by providing complete information required for this rating, non-profits give potential donors better insight into their work to help them make educated decisions.

“We live in really challenging times, and the whole world has been impacted. As we continue to work to mitigate the problems people are facing, we want to thank our generous donors without whose help we would have found it more challenging to carry out this work. Look out for our volunteers in their yellow t-shirts in your community, and know that they are there to help you,” said Arun Kankani.

Donors Form the Bedrock

Sewa is following a multi-pronged approach in its relief efforts and a few philanthropists have pledged $50,000 each to ensure continued success of different tracks. These donors have become the bedrocks on which Sewa is building its robust COVID-19 response.

For its general relief stream, Sewa has received support from Avadhesh Agarwal, hotelier, businessman and philanthropist from Los Angeles, CA. This track includes COVID-19 relief efforts ranging from running 11 Sewa helplines across the country to help the needy with non-medical advice to providing food and medicines to the stranded students and travelers.

Sewa received financial backing from Jugal Malani, an industrialist & philanthropist from Houston, TX, for its Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) track. Sewa is supplying masks, sanitizers, face shields and other protective gear to first responders who are on the frontline to protect our communities from COVID-19 pandemic.

Food & Essentials

Sewa’s Food and Essential Support initiative received funding from Rani Kumra, a philanthropist from Bay Area, CA. Sewa is supplying hot meals, groceries, medicines, homemade masks, hygiene kits and other essentials to vulnerable families and individuals across the country through this track.

Volunteers belonging to Sewa International or its partner organizations in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Pakistan, Trinidad & Tobago, and Guyana are supporting migrant workers and underserved communities affected by COVID-19 by providing them with food, masks, and other essentials. Ramesh Jain, entrepreneur and philanthropist from Germany, is backing the international COVID-19 relief efforts with his generous donation.

To reach this fundraising milestone, Sewa has also received unstinting financial support from many organizations. Chinmaya Mission, Houston has given $25,001, All India Movement (AIM) for Seva, Arya Samaj, Greater Houston, Vallabh Priti Seva Samaj of Houston and Datta Yoga Center have donated $10,000 or more to Sewa for COVID-19 relief work. More than 400 organizations across the country have supported Sewa through their monetary donations and by providing volunteer force, food, material and space. 

About Sewa International

Sewa International, a leading Hindu faith-based Indian American nonprofit organization, has extensive experience in disaster rescue, relief, and rehabilitation operations having responded to 25 disasters in the US and abroad. In 2017, after Hurricane Harvey struck the Houston area, Sewa volunteers helped in the rescue of nearly 700 people, and have served thousands of affected families since then through their case management service. Sewa raised over $3 million for Hurricane Harvey recovery, Sewa continues to rebuild houses, and, greenhouses that serve as a means of livelihood. Sewa International has also rendered relief in the wake of hurricane Maria in 2018 and Hurricane Imelda in 2019. Sewa teams in the San Francisco Bay Area continue to build and donate tiny homes for those rendered homeless in California Camp Fire of November 2018.

Among its other accolades, Sewa International has been recognized by Charity Navigator – the premier nonprofit rating agency – as the number five among the “10 Highly Rated Charities Relying on Private Contributions.” Sewa has for the last three years continuously scored the topmost-rated 4-star from Charity Navigator, and has earned perfect scores for its Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency

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