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Fundraising for Oroville California Victims

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  • Sacramento, CALIFORNIA
  • Emergency Relief

Fundraising Oroville, California Victims

As we all know, Oroville and Yuba County, CA have been affected by recent Oroville dam spillway disaster which is not very far from Sacramento. Due to evacuations, several citizens from the affected areas are taking shelters in the greater Sacramento area. Indian Association of Sacramento [IAS] is already contributing in many ways to help the needy. IAS has donated various items to the needy families at the Roseville Shelter center, have already committed financial donations and will be participating in the shelter support. As one can imagine, there is still lot of support required because IAS wants be instrumental in providing a helping hand to as many needy as possible. This effort requires more money. Hence IAS appealing to the readers to come forward and donate money that will go entirely towards buying required items, financial help, shelter to the affected fellow brother, sisters and their kids.Thanks to Sewa International for graciously agreeing and working with IAS in these efforts.  Please write your donations to Sewa International which will in turn be provided to IAS. IAS offers heartfelt thanks to all the donors in advance and assure you that money you donate for this worthy cause will go towards helping the needy families. For more details, Please contact Ajit Natu [916] 730-4231, Ramraj [916] 730-4231, Shivesh [408] 421-3105, Venu Mallesara [916] 218-9142, Bhavin [916] 813-8413

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Venkat Mechineni