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Help to stop farmer suicides

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Project to stop farmers' suicides and improve agricultural practices for better future of farming.

Did you know that every half an hour one Indian farmer commits suicide?

Since 1995, more than 60,000 farmers have killed themselves in Maharashtra alone!

Yavatmal district ranks #1 in farmer suicides in the whole country.

Root causes:
1. Continuous drought combined with lack of irrigation options,
2. Rising prices of seeds, fertilizers, insecticides and
3. A low income due to the low selling prices of their agricultural products.

You can help them!

Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak Mandal, Yavatmal, is an organization dedicated for the comprehensive development of the farmers and the families of farmers who have committed suicide.The Institution has accepted to shoulder the responsibility by starting Deendayal Farmer Development Project.

Some of the activities being successfully conducted by organization are:

  • Adopting the helpless and shelter less families of the farmers who have committed suicide and take complete responsibility of their re-habitation.

  • Providing scholarships for vocational training of the orphaned children.

  • Counseling and financial help to start domestic business like goat farming, Grinding mills, Tailoring, Cloth shop, Grocery shop, Vegetable Shop etc.

  • Bond with the affected families and understand their pains and support them emotionally.

  • Create Savings group between young farmers to encourage working together and habit of saving.

  • Promote and conduct workshops on Organic farming.

  • Develop and maintain Irrigation facilities.

Agricultural Research & Training Center to develop Improved, Profitable and Sustainable farming methods.One of the most ambitious projects by organization is to start a training and counseling center for farmers.

Plan is to establish a residential training center where trainees can explore various models of professional farming,organic farming, models of agro-based businesses like goat farming,milk and dairy production, silk production etc.9 Acres of farm land has been purchased in the outskirts of Yavatmal town.

Donate!! Your small contribution can bring a big change in the lives of farmer families. 

- Rehabilitation of a suicide victim farmer family - $1001
- Rehabilitate one farmer family – $501

- Adopt a Student for one year – $251
- Sponsor a student’s one year education – $151

- Orientation of one savings group – $1001
- Any other contribution that can be used in the construction of the Agricultural training center.

Campaign by

Niraj Kulkarni