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Madhu and Devin's Wedding

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  • Boston, MA
  • Education

Please join Madhu and Devin as they start their new life together.

  • Donations to our campaign will benefit the Sponsor a Child program, which serves children of low-income families through donating fees, uniforms, books, subject coaching, career guidance, and counseling. Children of the invisible poor [maidservants, taxi/auto drivers, construction workers, vegetable vendors etc.] benefit from the program. 

The program provides a holistic development opportunity for students. Apart from their regular class work, all students can participate in sports and cultural events. They are also provided exposure to computers and video-based education. Yoga and civic awareness program are among their daily activities at the learning centers available in select needy areas.


In addition to the donors mentioned alongside, we have received gifts through other channels from the following supporters:

  • Carol  - Andover, MA                        $51



Campaign by

Madhumita Narayan