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Sheridan School District Colorado

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  • Denver, CO
  • Education

Provide gift of education to underprivileged kids of Sheridan School dist. in the heart of Colorado

Living in Colorado for almost 20 years I feel privileged about where I came from and what this country and community has provided me and my family. Few years back, inspired by selfless service moto, I joined SEWA, USA as a volunteer to serve in whichever way possible.

Had heard stories of poor kids and schools in Chicago, Atlanta, etc. But, until recently I never realized that such underprivileged kids live right in our backyard in the Denver metro in Sheridan school district. 84% of the kids in school district, the second poorest school district in Colorado, qualify for free or reduced lunch program. This campaign is to help raise funds for the school district towards providing literary services to these underprivileged kids.


The funds raised will be donated to the Sheridan school district to fill the gap in funding to meet various needs like filling in math teacher spot and buying chromebooks for use of kids for English literacy program.

Here is the link to a Colorado Public radio new story highlighting the plight of the school district

Expecting to raise $10,000 towards this gift of education to these underprivileged kids. 
The Impact

Your generous contributions will make the difference in the lives of these kids to grow up as educated and productive citizens. 

There is no greater gift that the gift of education.


Monetary contributions can be made online at or by check payable to "SEWA, USA" towards Sheridan School District, CO [in memo line.] 

A fun Indian food focused event is being held on May, 21st to raise funds locally. Volunteers are needed for the event - please contact Madhu Bhat @ 720-2547010 or Parveen Gupta @ 303-359 2800


Campaign by

Parveen Gupta