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Atlanta, GA


Sewa International - Atlanta Chapter

Atlanta is one of the most active Sewa chapters with a wide range of projects and activities covering Education, Community Development, Bhutanese Empowerment, Social and Cultural Activities, and Family Service. Multiple volunteering opportunities are available.


Our local activities can be broadly classified into following categories:

  1. Sewa Youth Service
    1. Summer Internships
    2. Sewa 5K Run
  2. Sewa Family Services 
    1. Educational/Awareness Workshops
    2. Case Management
    3. Yoga and Meditation Sessions
  3. Education and Enrichment Support
    1. Mentoring Program
    2. Yoga and other sports activities
  4. Bhutanese Empowerment Program (BEP)
    1. Cultural Support
    2. Education Support
    3. Eye check up Camps
  5. Community Events
    1. Sewa Atlanta Holi
    2. Mangala Nidhi Activities
    3. Adopt a Highway/Mile
    4. Food packing and delivery to local Food Banks
    5. Lunch with local police department personnel
  6. Disaster Relief
    1. Collaboration to support in Relief and rehabilitations effort
  7. Fundraisers
    1. Sewa Atlanta Fundraiser
    2. Funds for International Projects
    3. Sewa Sports

Sewa Mission and Chapter Atlanta :

  1. Promote Volunteerism
    1. Encourage Youth for Volunteerism
    2. Actively work with Volunteers to optimize services 
  2. Serve Local community
    1. Sewa Day Activities
    2. Mangalnidhi Projects
    3. Work with local food bank
    4. Workshops
  3. Serve Humanity Distress
    1. Funds for Disaster Relief & Cause
    2. Medical Camp


 For more information on our activities drop an email to and we will be happy to answer your queries.

You can also visit our Facebook page for latest updates and ongoing events.

Come join us! To register as a volunteer, please click here





27Sep, 18

Workshop on Tackling the immigration Crisis and Trauma Speaker - Anu Peshawaria, Attornery at law, Founder & Senior Partner, ANU ATTORNEY PROFESSIONAL LAW GROUP, LLC

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