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Houston, TX


05Nov, 17

Sewa Annual Fundraiser - Fun Night full of inspiring stories, entertainment followed by dinner

02Apr, 17

Sewa Dancing Stars – a SEWA Houston Chapter Annual Fundraising Event that strives to serve our community locally and internationally bringing care and compassion to the underprivileged and relief to those in sudden unforeseen catastrophe. We are a small team of impassioned volunteers balancing work & life and sacrificing a very small portion of our lives for those in despair that have no one else to do so – today, now

05Mar, 17

In this workshop you will learn 5 simple steps for coping constructively with your child’s feelings by learning how to recognize, respond to and validate feelings; building understanding, empathy and nurturing the relationship. 

24Feb, 17

What is Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM)? SDM is a 20 hour yoga program designed to help diabetics to control and manage active diabetes. All the yoga practices are safe and proven by research to be helpful in management of diabetes. The program is delivered under the supervision of medical doctors and trained yoga therapists.

28Jan, 17

Diabetes continue to grow as a major health challenge across the world. Come join us to learn prevention and management of diabetes through Yogic life style change. This workshop is organized by Sewa & JVB Houston

10Dec, 16

Food Drive

10Dec, 16

Houston Food Bank

15Oct, 16

Hermann Park Conservancy’s McGovern Centennial Gardens.