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Houston, TX

Family Case Management Services

HELPLINE NUMBER : 832-900-9354 


Family Case Management Service is one of the premier projects of Sewa International. The program is aimed at assisting community members seeking immediate help and guidance in situations such as sickness, health care guidance, family emergencies and death and bereavement process. If you need assistance please call our helpline number.


Our main goal is to help individuals and families get through difficult times or crisis by providing immediate access to information, resources or any adequate support to the families in emergency situations, so that they get caring and compassionate help in difficult times and get through the crisis with less stress. The program services are provided in collaboration with many local non-government and government organizations. Sewa International family case management services representatives can be contacted over phone or email.




We are constantly expanding the support network in the community so that more individuals and families can be served. We encourage you to join this team. As a member of this network, you can help by providing your pro bono services or becoming a case volunteer, who can actually work from home or in the field as necessary.

Some of the ways you can get engaged in providing the servics are :

1.    Health/Medical processes Guidance

2.    Family Support

3.    Crisis Support

4.    Health Insurance & Other Service Access

5.    Food preparation & Meal Delivery

6.    Transportation

7.    Spiritual Counseling & Moral Support

8.    Operational Support

9.    Translation

Sewa encourages you to get involved and to become our passionate volunteers, so that we together can provide services to the community.

A regional workshop is was held on November 18th and 19th, 2017 to create awarness and train case workers.