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Houston, TX

Family Services: Workshops


Family service workshops are designed to provide families tools for leading more meaningful fulfilling and fruitful lives. The topics that Sewa covers in these seminars range from couples counseling to learning how to handle emotional issues of kids and adolescents. The workshops are free and are conducted in association with other partnering organizations in different parts of the town. This has encouraged Sewa to build a partnership with other temples, libraries, and outside agencies. Our panel of experts includes doctors, counselors, and family therapists other than an advisory group from Sewa International. It's notable that all the workshops are conducted by volunteers and are free to participants.

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Recent Workshops News :

Jan 2018 Workshop : 'Five Wishes and other important documents for families'  

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August 2017 : Managing Diabetes through Yoga workshop 

March 2017 Workshop : Raising Emotionally Healthy Children    

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