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Houston, TX


Hurricane HARVEY - Sewa's Rescue and Relief Efforts

Sewa International Hot Line: (281) 909-7392 / (281) 909-SEWA 


In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Sewa International volunteers with support from Indian community is working to provide rescue and relief to the Harvey victims. Volunteers are out on the road with their trucks and boats to help people. Doctors are offering free medical consultation.


Sewa requests all Houstonians to join hands and help Texans get through this difficult time. You can help by donating money or registering as a volunteer for home cleaning, and distribution of food and emergency kits. 



         Shelter           Food           FEMA help


         Medical Help           OtherResources           Volunteer Registration

                 Donate towards Hurricane Harvey Rescue and Relief Donate_Round  


Press Releases and Bulletins:

Bulletin#1 Aug 28     Bulletin#2 Aug 29     Bulletin#3 Sep 7     Bulletin#4 Sep 11

Rescue and relief efforts:      Pictures       Videos


Sewa Partners


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Other Emergency Contact Numbers

1.      HPD: 1-713-884-3131


2.      Elderly & Disabled: 211 


3.      Federal Disaster Assistance: 1-800-621-FEMA (3362); TTY


4.      Office Of Emergency Management: 1-713-884-4500 or 311;


5.      Coast Guard: 1-713-578-3000


6.      CG Local Help Center: 1-281-464-4854


7.      Resources for evacuees, contact American Red Cross: 1-800-975-7585713-526-8300


8.      Centerpoint Energy: 1-800-752-8036


9.      Texas Attorney General: 1-800-621-0508


10.  Free Medical Consultation -  

Dr. Majula Raguthu - (956) 639-8699

Dr. Surya Raguthu -  (956) 639-8666

Dr. minni Malhotra -  (606) 854-2551


11. Areawise Free Food Resources Click Here  


12. Private and Public Shelters in and around Houston Click Here 


Let us all help rebuild our community together. 


Thank you for your support. 




05Nov, 17

Sewa Annual Fundraiser - Fun Night full of inspiring stories, entertainment followed by dinner


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