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Houston, TX

Stop Diabetes Movement

Sewa Houston has joined hands with VYASA to conduct the Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM) camps. SDM is a 20-hour yoga program designed to help diabetics to control and manage active diabetes. All the yoga practices are safe and proven by research to be helpful in management of diabetes. The program is delivered under the supervision of medical doctors and trained yoga therapists. S-VYASA Yoga University, through 30 years of research has proven that yoga lifestyle can change/impact Blood Glucose levels. 

AIM: Diabetes prevention and control

·         Primary: Prevent pre-diabetics from diabetes 

·         Secondary: convert severe diabetics to moderate to mild to diabetes free 


Sewa Houston has conducted 11+ camps in the Houston area in the recent past. Check the events page to know about the upcoming SDM camps.  Watch SDM camp testimony from participants here.  For more information about this program, send us an email at


To register for upcoming camps click here


View Photos from recently held SDM Yoga Camps


Feb 2018 SDM Camps - various 

Mar  2017 SDM camps - various 

Sep 2016 SDM camps - opening

May 2016 SDM camp pictures

April 2016 SDM camps closing

April 2016 SDM camps screening