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Sewa DFW 2017 Diwali & Harvey Relief Dinner with Art & Entertainment

Diwali Dinner Flyer

Hurricane Harvey, the costliest natural disaster in US history, slammed Greater Houston on Aug 25, leaving 200,000 homes destroyed (40,000 in Houston alone), a million cars wrecked, and metro stations, schools, highways and other public facilities flooded.

Sewa International has been working closely in the Rescue, Relief and Rebuilding effort. Sewa brought together over 800 volunteers from various professional, religious, cultural and other partner organizations for the critical rescue effort, which has now transited into a relief effort. Sewa International is continuing its relief activities by organizing health clinics, cleaning the flooded homes, and providing hot meals to the hurricane victims through Sewa volunteers and a network of partner organizations. EPA and Red Cross are seeking help of Sewa International spread the word around for Hurricane hazards and to get out help to over 500 people totally isolated. To date, our volunteers gave 43,000 hours. A summary of the activities are attached for your quick reference, for more details please visit

There is more to be done. We are raising a total of $1Mn funds for the victims across all states, we have already raised $350,000 to date.

Our event in Dallas is on Oct 15. We are aiming to contribute $30,000 through this event. We request your help and contribution in making this event successful.