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Sewa Houston: Stop Diabetes Movement Camp - February 2017


                                                                          Yoga for Diabetes


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What is Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM)?

SDM is a 20 hour yoga program designed to help diabetics to control and manage active diabetes.  This camp is suitable for people who have Diabetes or who are Pre-Diabetic. Others can attend too, by paying a fee. All the yoga practices are safe and proven by research to be helpful in management of diabetes. The program is delivered under the supervision of medical doctors and trained yoga therapists.

AIM: Diabetes prevention and control

  • Primary: Prevent pre-diabetics from diabetes
  • Secondary: convert severe diabetics to moderate to mild to diabetes free

RESEARCH EVIDENCE: About the usefulness of yoga

     S-VYASA Yoga University, through 30 years of research has proven that yoga lifestyle can change/impact:

  • Normalize blood glucose (Fasting and postprandial)
  • Normalize Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1C)
  • Reduce bad cholesterol & Increase good cholesterol
  • Normalize weight and BMI & Reduce oral medication
  • Reduce anxiety & depression & Improve quality of life
Learn Yoga to manage your Diabetes!!!


  • Yoga postures and stretches
  • Yoga breathing and relaxation
  • Stress management through yoga
  • Diet and nutrition for diabetics
  • Personal consultation from medical doctors


  • Enroll before February 15th 2017
  • Registration contact: 
  • Screening Date: Saturday, February 18th (8AM to 11 AM)
  • Registration fee - $150 (Completely refundable on successful completion of the program




Unique Industrial, 12600 Cardinal Mdw, Sugar Land, TX 77478



Swasth Yoga Studio, 21020 Highland Knolls Dr, Katy 77450



6225 Northdale Street, Houston 77097



Endocrine and Psychiatry Center, 9539 Huffmeister Rd # 200, Houston 77095

West Houston


Arya Samaj, 14375 Schiller Rd, Houston, TX 77082