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Disaster Relief & Rehab

2017- Gujarat and Rajasthan Floods

2017- Gujarat and Rajasthan Floods


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Gujarat and Rajasthan are reeling under massive floods, the latest states in the country to face monsoon fury in India where such natural disasters are common through the rainy season.

Hundreds of people are marooned in several regions of Gujarat. The state is battling one of the worst floods in recent history. Several districts are submerged leaving a trail of death and destruction.  The toll in the devastating floods has reached nearly 130 dead.  Tens of thousands have been evacuated. Thousands of families are still stranded and awaiting help across the state.
Banaskantha, Patan and Sabarkantha districts are worst affected and have received heavy rainfall.  Sewa is on the ground running rescue and relief operations.

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Sewa has raised millions of dollars and, managed complex relief and rehab projects for Uttarakhand disaster (2013), Nepal Earthquake (2015), Chennai Floods (2016), etc.

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Sewa is on the ground running rescue and relief operations!

250 Sewa volunteers are engaged more than 70 villages  in relief operations in  Banaskantha and Patan districts of Gujarat, a large part of which continues to reel under floods. Sewa volunteers distributed:


  • 1.6 lakh food packets, medicine and water bottles distributed
  • Started help centers in Radhanpur and Deesa (in Banaskantha)
  • Sewa volunteers have helped alert people living in low-lying areas affected due to release of water from Sipu and Dantiwada dams, so they can shift along with their valuables and cattle
  • Volunteers are helping to provide shelter to thousands of people in private hospitals and temples


 (Image source- Sewa Bharati)




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