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Disaster Relief & Rehab

Hurricane IRMA

Hurricane IRMA

Hurrincane IRMA


The first major hurricane to hit the state of Florida since Hurricane Wilma (2005)


The “Monster” Hurricane Irma measuring 400 miles wide after wreaking a trail of death and destruction through the Caribbean - killing at least 38 people, moved  towards Florida prompting mandatory evacuation of over  6.8 Million people in the entire South Florida and Jacksonville region.

Sewa International’s, chapters in Tampa and Atlanta have swung in to action. Under the leadership of Sewa International Atlanta chapter coordinator, Viswanath Koppaka, and Swadesh Katoch – Director of Disaster relief, volunteers from Atlanta chapters have reached out to over 20  Indo-American organizations including temples, professional, linguistic and religious organizations.

Sewa has set up a Helpline 775-ATL-SEWA (775-285-7392) for any one evacuating from Florida and looking for shelter.  All hotels, camp sites, public shelters, temples and churches are over booked.  Sewa has also created an online form for those seeking shelter, and for host families volunteering to provide shelter in their homes.

People seeking help an call the Sewa  Atlanta Helpline : 775-ATL-SEWA (775-285-7392).


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