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Disaster Relief & Rehab

Tamil Nadu Floods

Tamil Nadu Floods

Tamil Nadu Flood Relief

Sewa International is committed to providing all possible relief to people in need in Tamil Nadu and Chennai. Check out the details in the links below:


Sewa Appeal

Sewa Appeal Original (Dec 1, 2015)

For latest updates also see our Facebooklink

Sewa TN Disaster Relief Fundraising Concert Dec 12, 2015

Sewa News from the Ground 

Sewa On ground work by Volunteers 

Karthik, O. North American Witness on the Ground in Chennai.

Tamil Nadu Flood Relief

Bulletin #1: Dec 2, 2015


Recent heavy rains lashed Chennai city throwing normal life out of gear.  City saw severe water logging and people wading through water. Water has reached the second floor of some of the buildings. Incessant rains continue bash the area.

Volunteers from Sewa International and its sister organizations Seva Bharathi Tamil Nadu jumped into action and started relief activities in affected areas providing food (see table below), transporting people, providing counseling etc.

During the second phase of relief activity, volunteers engaged themselves in relief and rescue operations at various places of Chennai. Thousands of houses are marooned and the communication has come to a standstill. Of the 75 Sewa relief centers, 14 centers were designated as base centers. Food was prepared and distributed involving many volunteers and their families from these base centers.

Volunteers in co-ordination with NDRF and Armed personnel, are helping in rescue operations in Mudhichur, Mannivakkam. More than 100,000 food packets/meals, nilavembu kashayam, and counseling was provided to the public including to 8 villages nearby Chromepet.

Sewa International and its sister organization Seva Bharathi Tamil Nadu is coordinating relief operations in many parts of rain flooded Chennai with our volunteers working on the ground and round the clock.

Sl #


 Food Packets



Anna Nagar






250 Narikuravas (tribals) served






















T P Chatram




B V Colony


Supplying food for 300 families.




3 meals/day served for 15 nearby areas
12,500 chappathis distributed Dec 2nd night.  


Egmore Railway Station


Tea served to out of town travelers          




2,000 people served.


Tamil Nadu Flood Relief

Bulletin #2: Dec 5, 2015


Sewa Volunteer pushes the limits of Internet and provides much needed medical help in Chennai for a pregnant woman sitting 10,000 miles away

Ratnesh Mishra, a Sewa International volunteer  in Phoenix, Arizona,  and part of the Tamil Nadu Flood Relief Sewa Monitoring team saw a tweet about a woman in labor pains needing help in Chennai. He immediately contacted Sewa volunteers on the ground in Chennai and arranged for help to be sent. The story had a great outcome, the woman delivered twins


Check out Ratnesh Mishra and friends' Rescue & Relief Efforts through his Facebook pageChennal Flood Relief from 10,000 Miles away. 


Tamil Nadu Flood Relief

Bulletin #6: Dec 10, 2015

A Testimony & A Powerful Appeal from a North American Witness on the Ground in Chennai

FromKarthik O


Date: Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 10:03 AM
Subject: RE: [afsna] Chennai Floods Relief Appeal

I just returned from Chennai yesterday (12/9), flight delayed by 6 days due to the floods. I had a chance to tour some of the flood affected areas around Saidapet and Jaffarkanpet on 12/7 with Sewa volunteers.Here are some of my observations:

The living conditions are horrific with substantial debris, dead animals, sewage mixing with water causing foul smell and potential disease outbreak. There has been no power, cell phone, landline, data connection since Nov. 30 in some of the worst affected areas.

I saw most relief vans stop in main roads and the able bodied people end up getting most of the relief - relief doesn't reach the interior gullies, streets because it is so narrow and inaccessible due to debris, mud, sewage etc. In fact this is a big concern to all groups involved in helping out. During our assessment trip, another team came and asked us how to ensure that the 100s of sleeping mats (paai in Tamil) that they had reached out to the most needy as opposed to being waylaid.

The Sewa volunteers are committed and have devised a systematic way of ensuring that relief reaches the needy families. Sewa works through their local network of young volunteers who live in the affected areas. They have been distributing food till Dec 6 and from Dec 7 they have been putting together relief kits.

Each relief kit consist of essential supplies - 1 kg of rice, 1/2 kg dal, 4 notebooks, comb, 1 sleeping mat, 1 pillow etc. basically essential items needed for a family. One such kit costs Rs. 1,500 and they had a target of distributing 5000 such kits through their network of volunteers in 18 flood affected areas in Chennai.

Their requirement is immediate.

So, if you can, I urge you to contribute whatever you can immediately rather than wait.

Kind Regards,

Karthik, O.

Karthik, O., is an active volunteer for AIM for Seva, a North American nonprofit charity that is independent of Sewa International. AIM for Seva and Sewa International often collaborate on delivering aid.