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Yuva for Sewa is an unpaid summer internship and offers opportunity to young adults to contribute their time to a larger movement of serving humanity. The program is designed to actualize the message of Sewa International USA, which believes that service to humanity is service to Divinity.  



Program Details 

What is Yuva for Sewa?

Yuva for Sewa (YFS) is a program for youth (age: 18 to 30) from all over the world as well as for youth in India. YFS partners with local service organizations (or NGOs) to develop 10-week Sewa internship projects. These projects are based on the needs of NGOs that can be helped with by a volunteer from YFS. The volunteer is expected to focus on a single issue or target to be completed in phased manner within his/her internship period.

 Since its inception in 2006, YFS has provided 73 youth with the opportunity to volunteer their time for different service projects, based on their interests and expertise. Projects are available in health care, education, environmental awareness, women's empowerment, rural development and micro-finance. Interns spend the duration of their internship working with NGOs in the community. They seek to serve and engage in a transformative experience that empowers them,  as they strive to make an impact in their chosen field. 


Selection Criteria

  Interns must:

  • Have graduated high school or be at least 18 years old at the start of the internship
  • Be able to participate in the full ten-week internship program
  • Be currently residing in US or Canada and
  • Possess strong enthusiasm to make a difference and willingness to serve. 


Timeline and Locations

 In 2018 Yuva for Sewa internship projects are located in two different cities in India: 

  1. Bangalore, Karnataka
  2. Pune, Maharashtra 

 The summer internship will

 Start Date:  Monday June 11th, 2018*

 End Date: Friday August 10th 2018*

 *Flexible for students whose finals are conflicting with our start date.



 All interns will be required to arrive in Bangalore by Sunday June 3rd, 2018 where the one week orientation program will be conducted. Orientation will include general training about projects and basic cultural information for interns. All the interns will join their respective teams and leave for their assigned location after the orientation. 



After orientation, interns will focus on specific projects and spend the duration of their internship with other volunteers working on the same project. For detailed project descriptions, please visit: 2018 YFS International Internship Projects


Housing, Travel and Safety

Our partner NGO will assist fellows and interns secure suitable housing near their placement. As fellows and interns arrive in Bangalore, our partner NGO member will meet them at the airport and help them adjust to a new culture. Sewa encourages applicants to be cognizant of the inherent risks of traveling and living in a different country. Click here for similar FAQ. 


Application Process

Interested applicants should submit an online application form by March 31st, 2018. Selected applicants will be invited to a phone interview followed by an in-person interview. Successfull applicants will be notified by email or phone.


Cost of Internship

Upon accepting the internship offer, applicants will be required to submit a $695 administration and application feeThe fee covers a 5-day cultural orientation, 10-week boarding, lodging and a 4-day cultural trip to medieval temples and UNESCO World Heritage Center. A great bargain! (candidates are responsible for their international air tickets and local transport).


Questions? Please email all questions to


For videos and blogs of past interns visit: YFS Past Interns Video and click here to read the past intern's experince on Yuva for Sewa Blog.



  2018 YFS International Internship opportunities

NOTE: The Project descriptions are subject to change according to the local conditions.



  • You have the opportunity to pick one primary project and one or two secondary project(s) available at the same location.
  • Please pay attention to the project locations and choose primary & secondary projects from the same location. 
  • Make sure to choose the combination of projects according to your preferences and interests. 
  • Lastly, please understand that the projects you will be contributing to are either ongoing and need only some assistance or you will help the NGO seed in a new program! Ultimately, it will depend on you to lead the project and navigate your way to its successful completion. Hence, please choose the projects you are passionate about. All the best!:) 




  1. Project Title: Developing and implementing healthcare awareness tools for women and girls in slum areas
    • Location:  Pune, Maharashtra
    • Partner NGO: Seva Sahayog Foundation (
    • Local Language: Basic Hindi/Marathi (assistance in translation provided)
    • Desired Skills: Health Sciences, Statistics, Journalism
    • Description: Interns will create tools to educate women in slums about health. They will also be involved in researching/analyzing the present health conditions of these women and their access to healthcare facilities. 

  2. Project Title: Health care in India
    • Project Title: Health care in India
    • Location: Bangaluru, Karnataka
    • Partner NGO: Seva Kirana (  
    • Local Language: Kannada, English (assistance in translation provided)
    • Description: The interns will get the opportunity to shadow the physicians, learn about public health and community medicine, over a 10-week period. Each intern is required to write a research article about the social issues, their experience at Rangadore Hospital, etc. Along with this they can choose a secondary project and volunteer at the local government school for the underprivileged children. Website:


Women Empowerment


  1. Project Title: Design sustainable long term vocational programs for women living in slums.
    • Location:  Pune, Maharashtra
    • Partner NGO: Seva Sahayog Foundation (
    • Local Language: Basic Hindi/Marathi (assistance in translation provided)
    • Desired Skills: Management, Economics
    • Description: Interns will help design vocational programs for women with a focus on empowering other women through the chosen vocations.




  1. Project Title: Developing/implementing tools and approaches to teach science in slums and rural schools

    • Location:  Pune, Maharashtra
    • Partner NGO: Seva Sahayog Foundation (
    • Local Language: Basic Hindi/Marathi (assistance in translation provided)
    • Desired Skills: Science Major
    • Description: Intern will work on projects aimed at designing science outreach programs for students living in the slum areas. The projects will involve designing methods/experiments that provide a hands-on learning experience for students.




  1. Project Title: Studying the effect of water conservation projects implemented in drought prone villages

    • Location:  Pune, Maharashtra
    • Partner NGO: Seva Sahayog Foundation (
    • Local Language: Basic Hindi/Marathi (assistance in translation provided)
    • Desired Skills: Environmental Sciences, Statistics
    • Description: The interns will help assess the impact of water conservation projects implemented in drought affected villages through the “Jaldoot” initiative. This project may involve traveling around Maharashtra.



PR, Marketing, and Fundraising


  1. Project TitleMarketing and fundraising for products made by mentally challenged young adults
    • Location:  Bangaluru, Karnataka
    • Partner NGO: Seva in Action (
    • Local Language: Kannada, English (assistance in translation provided)
    • Desired Skills: Journalism, media
    • Description: Seva in Action is care centre for differently abled young adults and older (17 and older) and offers to a broad spectrum of disabilities and severity. Interns will write proposals, prepare & present to the various corporates, establish volunteer initiatives and will also get the opportunity to work with the young adults in bag making, candle making, etc. 


Research and Documentation


  1. Project TitleSocio-economic Impact Assessment of Seva Sahayog Initiatives

    • Location:  Pune, Maharashtra
    • Partner NGO: Seva Sahayog Foundation (
    • Local Language: Basic Hindi/Marathi (assistance in translation provided)
    • Desired Skills: Economics, Statistics, Social sciences
    • DescriptionInterns will research and analyze the ongoing Seva Sahayog initiatives and study their impact on the different demographics involved. 



* Regarding projects: (1) Any discoveries/inventions occurred during the time of project will be entitled to Sewa International and partner NGOs. (2) Any documentation and discovery of traditional knowledge and discovery/invention of tools/bio materials will be subjected to Indian Patent Rules and Indian registration. (3) The volunteer shall be solely responsible for his/her physical, mental and emotional health.  (4) Any legal issues will be dealt under Indian laws and local jurisdiction.   

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