How to Give Back ?

Sewa Bay Area depends on your generous contributions through donations and sponsorships to make these projects possible. These are the three most useful ways to give back to your community and make a difference:

DIY (Do It Yourself) Donations: By submitting your own proposal, you can work with Sewa fundraising coordinators to run a DIY campaign for the cause most important to you. Create a Campaign

Donate to a Local Cause: Local projects in the Bay Area are key helping your community and are
most in need of funding.  Donate

Donate for Global Cause

Sponsor a child

The project serves children of low income families through fees, uniforms, books, subject coaching, career guidance & counselling. Children of the invisible poor (maidservants, taxi/auto-drivers, construction labourers, vegetable vendors etc.,) are the beneficiaries. Sponsors can interactively participate by getting electronic report’s on the child’s progress and meeting the child on Skype or one-on-one during your visit to India.

Swach Bharat (India)

Working towards a clean environment in line with the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) mission, 175 eco-friendly toilets are being installed in slums and government schools in needy rural and urban environments benefiting exclusively women and girl students. By donating $400, girls in Andhra and Karnataka have the possibility to improve their education. In one school, a pubescent girl successfully improved school attendance by 78%.

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