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Family Services & Helpline - Call: 703-971-1111

Sewa DC Family Services Team organizes Health and Wellness Programs, Educational and Awareness Workshops, and Family Case Management Services. The Helpline Team provides timely aid to the needy and helps connect them to resources available through other organizations as well, even while maintaining the privacy of the individuals needing the help. 

The Family Services Program leverages existing local community resources while bringing complementary services to serve the beneficiaries effectively. Awareness and access to existing public or private social and humanitarian assistance are severely lacking, especially among the immigrants and those on non-immigrant visas. Studies have shown that many immigrants, despite poverty or abusive situations, do not seek help. Services needed often include physical, mental, and home health services, death and bereavement counseling, aid during distress, Medicare/Medicaid or Social Security benefits restoration, legal services, senior citizen services, child services, domestic violence response, and poverty services. 

Some recent cases where the Sewa DC Helpline team was able to come to help the needy included:

  • Sewa volunteers across multiple chapters coordinated to help a student who had become critically ill and succumbed to the infection after battling the condition at the hospital. Sewa Team also helped transport the mortal remains to Bharat

  • Sewa DC volunteers have helped provide support for 4 funerals locally in 2024

  • Ongoing support to a case involving local domestic family issues that also involves Legal and Child Protective Services

Sewa DC Helpline

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