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We all know the importance of health through the saying “Health is Wealth”. In the Hindu scripture - Shri Suktam – the connection between wealth and health is established in a very elaborate manner. It tells us what ‘wealth’ is:

धनमग्निर्धनं वायुर्धनं सूर्यो धनं वसुः ।

धनमिन्द्रो बृहस्पतिर्वरुणं धनमश्नुते ॥२०॥

The Fire (in our bellies, the digestive energy), the Air (the oxygen that flows in our body and bring energies to various parts of our body and the ability of our body to absorb oxygen and our physical abilities that depend on the air), the Sun (the life giving force and our outdoor activities in the Sun that enlivens us), the elements that give us brilliance and our well-functioning sense organs, those who enlighten us, and the Water that help our body maintain itself, all these are elements of wealth, may these come to us (with your grace).

Thus, health is our wealth.

We take a lot from this world to sustain our bodies. Every grain that we eat could have been a plant. Therefore, we must take good care of our body and make our life journey worthwhile by becoming a productive member of the society. Just like a machine needs regular tune-ups and care, similarly our body requires exercise, diet, sleep and emotional wellbeing for us to function optimally.

“Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.”

Conditions forced upon the society due to COVID-19 situation accentuated the urgent need to address the physical and emotional health. And even before COVID-19, the heart and diabetic conditions are highly prevalent amongst people of Indian Origin. This could be attributed to diet relatively rich in carbohydrates and lack of a well-balanced lifestyle focused on physical fitness. There is a need for the community to adopt a better lifestyle that focuses on diet, exercise and health activities that are fun and enjoyable.

Sewa International’s “Know your Healthy S.E.L.F” program is an initiative to encourage physical fitness and development of balanced lifestyle. This program brings people together, provide support, encouragement and guidance in adopting a balanced and active lifestyle. The SELF stands for:

1. S = Sleep
2. E = Exercise
3. L = Living in the Present / Lifestyle Practices
4. F = Food and Diet

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Register to join the program. You will be connected to a similar interest activity group. Each group has a mentor to help you plan, motivate, and encourage you to continue the activities. The SELF program coaches are trained to provide guidance in all four aspects of SELF.


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Copyright © 2021-22 Sewa International All rights reserved. 

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