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Sewa DC LEAD 2024 Orientation and Monthly Meeting - Jan 21, 2024

Namaste Everyone!

Thank you to all who came to the first meeting of the new year - Orientation for the LEAD 2024 Program. This year, we have 50 members enrolled in the LEAD program, and 14 members in DTL. Here is a quick recap of the day’s proceedings for those who could not make it:

At the beginning, Ram ji, the LEAD Director, welcomed everyone, and Shweta ji guided us in singing the Sewa Geet. Kannan ji, the Chapter Coordinator, gave an introduction of Sewa International. For more information on Sewa’s activities, please visit: Manoj ji provided details on the LEAD program.

LEAD (Leadership in Education and Development) is the overarching group that includes all youth volunteer activities including DTL and YFS. Through LEAD volunteer activities, students get an opportunity to experience the joy of selfless giving, to network, and to learn while working with others from different grades as well as different backgrounds. LEADs must participate in at least one volunteer activity each month and must attend every monthly meeting - usually on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of the month. LEADs interested in the PVSA must report their hours promptly, the requirement for which varies based on age and US resident status.

DTL is a nationwide program that teaches Design Thinking methodology. DTL teams “Identify, Invent, and Implement” solutions to problems in the society. DTL is a great way to have a deeper impact on the community but requires additional commitment. Therefore, it is only recommended for LEADs who have served with Sewa for 1+ year.

YFS, or Youth for Sewa Board, is a self-organizing group that plans and coordinates events for all LEADs to participate in. YFS requires the most commitment and is recommended for rising Juniors and Seniors who have served with Sewa for 1+ years.

For students, intern opportunities in social media, digital marketing, newsletter and email, and music/DJ are also available starting in February. Applications opening soon!

There are multiple opportunities for parents of LEADs as well: guide the students, identify, and coordinate volunteer opportunities, and even provide admin support.

In the latter half of our first monthly meeting, Vishal ji introduced our guest speaker: Shri Suresh V. Shenoy, President for WHEELS Global Foundation. Suresh ji shared his experience of coming from India, establishing multiple successful businesses, and the need to serve the community through “tan-man-dhan”, in his words: time, talent, and treasure. He shared his experience in the Pan-IIT group, in philanthropy, and in other forums where he has seen and helped people use technology to better the world. Suresh ji took questions from students and parents alike until we ran out of time.

Lastly, parents and students actively networked and got their questions answered before and during lunch. Email core team at if you have any questions!

Pictures from the event:

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