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Colombia Sewa Learning Centers

In the impoverished Colombian slum, Soacha, home to victims of Colombia’s conflict and thousands of Venezuelan immigrants, we found a high population of children facing numerous challenges, poverty, little or no access to education, drugs, and violence. Many of these children come from a single-parent family. In many cases, mothers feel hopeless in this environment - a road with no exit - because most lack the education needed to access better job opportunities. Such is the situation across many cities in South America.

Sewa International with the mission of “Serving Humanity in Distress”, is working to support these unprivileged children across South America, starting from Colombia, by developing Learning Centers (Sanskara Kendras). “The Garden of Joy” is one of such centers run by Margarita Jaramillo, which has been supporting more than 50 children from Soacha and their families.

Our objective is to protect these unprivileged children from the negative effects of such an environment, raise them with human values and education.

Walking through the streets of Soacha, its impossible to ignore the environment and the urgent need for change. Many of the houses are built without the basic necessities of a home such as a roof, bathroom, and proper structure. Garbage collects at the sides of the pathways and pollutes a once beautiful lake. Many of the walkways are unstable, as they are filled with loose fitted rocks and brick. The dust swirling off the road conceal the faces of hope and desperation of the children of Soacha. Change is imperative.

Come, support us and be part of this in this initiative of positive child development.

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