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Sewa 5K Run/Walk

Volunteer Development : High School Program Lead

"Lead Bay Area" - An interactive 2 hour, summer community engagement program for current High School students & College youth in the South and East Bay. Through this program, students interact with community leaders and successful professionals through engaging symposiums and field visits throughout the months of June and July.  

Key Elements of The Program :

  1. Speaker session : An interactive session of 1 hour with a guest speaker. Community Leaders will discuss their various strategies to strike a balance in their professional ventures, their social commitments and the influence of community service in shaping their individual success stories. Through these dialogues with active community leaders, we hope to ingrain social consciousness in the youth and further in the community.
  2. Community Project:  Grass-root Community Project: Students lead a community project during the program supported by the Sewa Lead Coordinators to empower oneself by empowering the community. The students learn teamwork, leadership skills and much more in the process.

April 15th starting at 8 AM

American Tobacco Trail


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