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Sewa Projects

Sewa International Projects


Sewa International has been active on the ground early, to help deal with the Coronavirus pandemic situation. We have established a Non-Medical helplines in different areas of USA

Project Details
Sewa International has been active on the ground early, to help deal with the Coronavirus pandemic situation. We have established a Non-Medical helplines in different areas of USA

Covid-19 Plasma Registry

Convalescent plasma therapy is an investigational treatment under Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations that physicians use to treat patients with respiratory failure from COVID-19.

Project Details
Convalescent plasma therapy is an investigational treatment under Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations that physicians use to treat patients with respiratory failure from COVID-19.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child project serves children of low-income families through donating fees, uniforms, books, career guidance, and counseling.

Project Details
Sponsor a Child program is founded on a holistic philosophy to span education, health, physical and cultural development of the child. Since 2009, we have been providing education for children in grades 4-10 from underprivileged families in India. Beneficiaries are from low-income families with parents who are maid-servants, day laborers, janitors, taxi drivers, and roadside vendors. The project that started in Bangalore (Karnataka), and, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), is currently operating in tribal areas of Chamarajanagar, and, Uttara Kannada (in Karnataka), and also in Salem, Tamil Nadu. Since inception, we have served more than 3,400 children.

Bhutanese Empowerment

Sewa International has taken up a nationwide project to help these Bhutanese families.

Project Details
Since 2008, refugees from Bhutan were provided asylum by the US Government and settled in various parts of the US. Beyond learning to make a living in the US, Bhutanese now numbering nearly 80,000 have to adjust to the cold weather, uprooting of traditional familial and societal structures, cultural isolation, etiquettes, language, children’s education, family issues (marriage, birth, death, conflict resolution, etc.), women’s health, and an insurmountable aspect for the poor in the US - transportation. Sewa International has been working to settle the refugees down from California to New York, from Chicago to Houston and has reached 48,000 refugees through its service.

Though many of the refugees are educated and can speak English, many of them have remained unemployed. And because agency support and government aid are not available to them for an extended period of time, the assistance of Sewa International is quickly becoming a lifeline for many of these families. Current programs of Sewa to empower the Bhutanese immigrants include education and tuition services, leadership programs for the youth, women empowerment, job assistance and emergency distress assistance.

Days of Volunteering

Each Sewa Chapter conducts multiple Days of Volunteering to encourage community members participation to 'Aid local Communities' - a mission of Sewa.

Project Details

Project Category: Volunteer development

Each Sewa Chapter conducts multiple Days of Volunteering to encourage community members participation to 'Aid local Communities' - a mission of Sewa.

International Development

International development projects are conducted by Sewa International jointly with its sister organizations worldwide.

Project Details

Project Category: Development

International development projects are conducted by Sewa International jointly with its sister organizations worldwide. With the Sewa, the movement is in 20 countries the projects abroad are closely monitored for quality, relevance, and efficacy. International development covers a gamut of projects that Sewa has been involved in. Projects we undertake are multi-year and focus on education, child and tribal welfare, youth and women empowerment, vocational training, rural development, and the environment.

A number of projects are in India due to the strong connection of Sewa with the Asian-Indian community both in Donors and Volunteers.

Educating the Tribal Children

Joining hands with Sewa International

Project Details

Project Category: International Development

Education is the primary tool to uplift the underprivileged section and integrate with the mainstream. Education will also determine their prosperity, success and security in life. For the tribal community education is more important because that will help them to know their rights and preserve their heritage in their way.

    • 1 Jan 2020
    • 9:00 AM (PST)
    • 31 Dec 2020
    • 11:59 PM (PST)

    LEAD Bay Area 2020 - Program for High School Students

    General Eligibility: High School Students (including 8th graders). Student should be sincere in their commitment to the values of Sewa with integrity and discipline.

    Selection Criteria:
    Limited seats, first come first serve basis. Open to all nationality, 
    religious and ethnic backgrounds.

    We Need volunteers to run several local programs and we request parents  to sign up to volunteer for a minimum of at-least two Sewa activities this year.

    Registration Fee: $100

    As a part of the LEAD summer series, young adults are given opportunities to participate in different activities. Below is the list activities from 2019.

    • Bio design (Stem) “Design to Lead” – A collaborative effort with Professor Anurag Mairal, who led the Global Outreach Programs at Byers Center for Bio design at Stanford University. The project focused on training high-potential, socially minded teenagers in design-thinking based approach to understand and address society’s most significant challenges.
    • Social Cause - Be the face of Sewa International’s Girls' Hygiene Project: Yes, I can go to School! - https://sewausa.org/Toilets. Lead Kids participated and actively engaged with the larger team to raise awareness and funds for the program.
    • Arts and Humanities - In partnership with ENActe, a talent incubator and a platform for engaging diverse populations in conversations on social issues to create greater awareness and tolerance from a South Asian perspective.
    • Technology - Sewa Programming Club -  A collaborative effort with Steam Vision for Online Mentoring/Tutoring between Lead kids and Kids from Cameroon.
    • Apart from such programs Lead Students can also get involved in following:
      • Participate in Sewa service activities.
      • Internship with Sewa Research, Documentation, Marketing and Public Relations.
      • Event Planning and organizing the events
      • Fundraising to support Sewa projects.
      • Conducting Sewa awareness and outreach programs.
      • Opportunity to open a Sewa club at your school.  More info on the school club activities at one of the School Club (https://www.mvsewa.com/)

    Contact: lead-ba@sewausa.org for any question.

    • 2 Apr 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 30 Jun 2020
    • (PDT)
    • Philadelphia Area and Delaware

    • 7 Apr 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 5 Jul 2020
    • (PDT)
    • Philadelphia Area and Delaware
    • 155

    Please support GRASSROOTS group in making masks for COVID-19 Relief.

    Click on register to donate money for this cause. Please donate in multiples of $5. The donations are collected by Sewa International and provided to the mask making volunteers.

    • 1 May 2020
    • (PDT)
    • 31 Aug 2020
    • (PDT)
    • Fremont, San Jose, San Ramon, Saratoga .... in Bay Area, CA

    Sewa International has partnered with Vyasa Houston & Yoga Bharati (US based Yoga Institutes affiliated with S-Vyasa University) to offer this program in U.S.A. through its local chapters to improve public health, in particular those having diabetes and pre-diabetes.

    Yoga Workshop Objectives:

    • Helps pre-diabetic individuals from becoming diabetic (Type II)
    • Helps diabetic individuals to control and manage their diabetic condition. 
    • Reduce probability of other health complications arising from diabetic conditions.
    • Reduce diabetic condition from severe to moderate, moderate to mild, and from mild to normal.

    Yoga Workshop Includes

    • Asanas - Yoga postures and stretches
    • Pranayam & Meditation - Yoga breathing and relaxation
    • Guidance regarding diet and nutrition from certified Dietician
    • Basic medical screening prior to the start of Yoga workshopto determine physical fitness to practice yoga. 
    • Concepts of Integrated approach to help individuals change their Life Style 
    • Materials provided to practice
    Structure of Yoga Workshop
    • 14 Sessions – each 1.5 hours, 4 days a week(Tue, Thu, Say, Sun)
    • Locations: Fremont, San Jose, San Ramon, Saratoga ....
    • Deposite $150 (Payable on first session)

    Seema - 801-471-1729
    Email - sdm-bayarea@sewausa.org

    • 30 May 2020
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • 6 Sep 2020
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • Phoenix, AZ


    In the light of increasing health concern due to the spread of Corona Virus and as a precautionary measure, Sewa Phoenix decided to postpone this event tentatively, till May 30th, 2020 or till next Notification. If you have questions feel free to contact LEAD Coordinators Sita Burada (480-381-5835), Geetanjali Bandi (480-522-5133)

    LEAD is a Sewa International Volunteer & Development Program for High School students.  It helps to socialize and introduces leadership consciousness in youngsters. It provides a platform to serve the greater community and experience the joy of giving.

    Hereby we invite applications for LEAD Phoenix, AZ 2020 volunteer program.  A great opportunity to meet socially aware community leaders, develop leadership, teamwork and organizational skills,  serve community.

    Duration: This program lasts for 6 months, starting on 15 March 2020 and ending on 6 September 2020. Participants will need to commit a minimum of 50 service hours. All activities in the program will be project and event based.

    General Eligibility: High School Students ( in or incoming), i.e, current 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th graders.  Students need to be sincerely committed to the values of Sewa with integrity and discipline.  Parental involvement is required where needed. 

    Selection criteria: Limited seats, on first come first served basis. Equal opportunity to all racial, ethnic, religious and gender backgrounds.

    Program Fee: $100 / candidate to cover the costs of running the program.

    Application Deadline: February 29th, 2020 or earlier based on how fast seats fill in.


    ·       Participating in Sewa service activities

    ·       Event Planning and organizing

    ·       Fundraising to support our projects

    ·       Conducting Sewa awareness and outreach programs

    ·       Interaction with community leaders

    ·       Educational workshops and fun activities

    Interested candidates please submit your application at https://tinyurl.com/SewaLEADPhoenix and pay the $100 fee here. Select chapter "Phoenix" and project "Lead" and fill in the applicant name in the comment field. Forward the confirmation email to sewa.phoenix@gmail.com 

    For any questions please email sewa.phoenix@gmail.com OR contact LEAD Coordinators:  Sita Burada (480-381-5835), Geetanjali Bandi (480-522-5133)

    • 8 Jun 2020
    • 9:00 AM (PDT)
    • 10 Jul 2020
    • 6:00 PM (PDT)
    • Atlanta
    • 71

    Summer Internship 2020

    Get Inspired is the flagship summer unpaid internship program of Sewa International in USA. It is an opportunity for volunteer interns to engage in a structured service project to meet selected needs of the community and attain the broader humanitarian goals of Sewa International. ‘Get Inspired Atlanta' aspires to engage tomorrow’s leaders with today’s society through leadership, mentoring, and direct engagement in solving community problems in order to meet the goals of sustainable development in selected areas of Atlanta.

    How to Apply:

    1. Read the internship advertisement and job descriptions on this webpage.

    2. Submit an application at https://sewausa.org/event-3763768 (Select Chapter/Location as ATLANTA and look for events)

    Deadline for applications is: Midnight on March 31st, 2020

    Internship Details

    Intern Positions: Children’s Activities, Grants and Fund-raising, Public Relations, Research & Documentation / Family Services, Fundraising / Event Management

    Duration: 6 weeks, June 8th – July 10th, 2020

    Hours: 20 hours per week


    To help the Atlanta chapter of Sewa International in achieving supporting local and national projects in accordance with the selected internship position.


    Sewa International chapters have regularly supported education, healthcare, tribal development, disaster relief, refugee support, environmental restoration and other projects in Atlanta, USA, India and word-wide that benefit thousands of lives. Some examples of projects are the Bhutanese Refugee Empowerment project, www.sewaday.org, www.youthforseva.org, www.sevabharathi.org, and www.nelehsp.org.

    General Requirements:

    - Junior or Senior in High School, Undergraduate, graduate, college student

    - Hard-working, enth

    usiastic, self-motivated, flexible, versatile

    - Good oral and written communication and interpersonal skills

    - Computer and Internet skills, knowledge of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

    - Intern must have own means of transportation

    - Local commute may be required for certain tasks

    – must be able to provide own transportation

    - Create weekly status report of activities

    - Must give a presentation at end of internship

    - Some grant writing experience is a plus

    For list of events please visit - https://www.facebook.com/SewaAtlanta/

    To know more about us please visit -  https://sewausa.org/

    • 21 Jun 2020
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (EDT)
    • PAL Center, 33 Baldwin Rd, Parsippany NJ

    International Day of Yoga - more details to follow

Past events

2 May 2020 Sewa Annual Conference-2020
5 Apr 2020 Sewa Atlanta: Spin Masters (Table Tennis) Tournament - Mar 22, 2020
4 Apr 2020 Yoga for Diabetes Workshop April-May 2020
15 Mar 2020 Sewa Atlanta: 15th Annual Color/Holi Festival
14 Mar 2020 Financial Management and Will
21 Feb 2020 Sewa: Stop Diabetes Movement Yoga Camp - Feb 2020
25 Jan 2020 Sewa International USA Atlanta: Carrom Tournament-Jan 25, 2020
21 Jan 2020 LEAD NJ 2020 - High School Program - registrations
14 Dec 2019 Bay Area 2019 Annual Banquet
8 Dec 2019 Sewa Youth Talent Show (Indian Classical Dance, Music and Instrument)
8 Dec 2019 Sewa Milan 2019 - New Jersey
7 Dec 2019 Sewa International USA Atlanta: Volleyball Tournament-Dec 7,2019
6 Dec 2019 Sewa Pennsylvania/DE Chapter: Svara Sewa 2019
24 Nov 2019 Serve Houston @ Food Bank - November 2019
23 Nov 2019 Sewa Phoenix Hike to Educate
16 Nov 2019 Family Services Workshop - Recent Trends in Teen Drug Use
9 Nov 2019 Sewa Diwali Utsav - Sponsor A Child Fundraiser
1 Nov 2019 Sewa: Stop Diabetes Movement Yoga Camp - Nov 2019
19 Oct 2019 Serve Houston Oct 2019
18 Oct 2019 Sewa Atlanta: Annual Gala Dinner
12 Oct 2019 Sewa International USA Atlanta: Tennis Tournament - Oct 12,13 2019
5 Oct 2019 Sewa Bay Area: Dandiya 2019
28 Sep 2019 Sewa Day Houston 2019
21 Sep 2019 Sewa Fundraiser- Bollywood Musical Evening
21 Sep 2019 KAAVYA - Sewa San Diego 2019 Fundraiser
15 Sep 2019 Sewa Bay Area: NatyaSEWA 2019 - Multicultural Dance Extravaganza - Veera
14 Sep 2019 Sewa Chicago - Annual Garba Event
14 Sep 2019 Sewa Atlanta: Blood Drive
8 Sep 2019 HELP 2019 - Sewa International Houston Chapter
8 Sep 2019 Run for Sewa - Cleveland
7 Sep 2019 Authentic Yoga to Prevent, Control and Manage Diabetes
7 Sep 2019 Authentic Yoga to Prevent, Control and Manage Diabetes
7 Sep 2019 Sewa NY Metro: Sports4Sewa Cricket 2019
25 Aug 2019 Sewa Bay Area - Bike/Run/Walk 2019
24 Aug 2019 Taste of Bharat (San Antonio SEWA Annual Gala)
24 Aug 2019 Sewa Raleigh: Spike for Sewa 2019
17 Aug 2019 Atlanta: Run for Sewa 2019
11 Aug 2019 Blood Drive
20 Jul 2019 Sewa Houston - Serve at Rosharon
13 Jul 2019 Womens workshop on ​​Emotional and Mental Health for Families
9 Jun 2019 Cyclone Fani - Fundraising Talent Show
3 Jun 2019 Sewa Atlanta: Summer Internship 2019
25 May 2019 Sewa NJ #ColorFest
11 May 2019 Festival of Colors - Holi Hai 2019
10 May 2019 Eat Out For Sewa - Mother's Day Weekend
4 May 2019 Sewa Annual Conference 2019
11 Apr 2019 Health & Wellness - Workshop on Sugar
8 Apr 2019 Sewa Atlanta: Badminton Tournament - Feb 9 & 10, 2019
31 Mar 2019 Sewa Atlanta: ChessMates Tournament - Mar 31, 2019
23 Mar 2019 NAACH DI CLEVELAND Sewa Fund Raiser.
23 Mar 2019 Sewa Atlanta: 14th Annual Color/Holi Festival
9 Mar 2019 Yoga for Family Bonding
8 Mar 2019 Get Fit with Fun
2 Mar 2019 Sewa Dancing Stars
2 Mar 2019 Sewa Atlanta: Spin Masters (Table Tennis) Tournament - Mar 2, 2019
28 Feb 2019 LEAD NJ 2019 - High School Internship Program - registrations
22 Feb 2019 Sewa : Stop Diabetes Movement Yoga Camp - Feb 2019
1 Feb 2019 Lead Program for HighSchoolers
19 Jan 2019 Sewa Atlanta: Blood Drive - Jan 2019
19 Jan 2019 Sewa Atlanta: Food for Hungry
12 Jan 2019 Sewa Milan
1 Dec 2018 Sewa Bay Area Annual Banquet
18 Nov 2018 Sewa Boston: Nrityameva Jayatey 2018
14 Oct 2018 sewa-Atlanta meeting
13 Oct 2018 Sewa Bay Area: Dandiya 2018
30 Sep 2018 Sewa Houston - Help 2018
29 Sep 2018 Sewa Chicago - Annual Fundraising Garba
29 Sep 2018 Sewa Raleigh: Spike For Sewa 2018
28 Sep 2018 Sewa Atlanta: Fundraising 2018
27 Sep 2018 Sewa Atlanta: Tackling Immigration Crisis And Trauma
24 Sep 2018 Sewa San Diego: KATHAA - Weaving Stories through Indian Classical Dances
23 Sep 2018 Sewa Atlanta: Adopt a Highway
16 Sep 2018 Sewa DC Ganesh Utsav 2018 for a Cause (One ticket per family)
15 Sep 2018 Yoga for Diabetes Workshop - Sep 2018
15 Sep 2018 Yoga for Diabetes Workshop
15 Sep 2018 Sewa Atlanta: Blood Donation Drive (Sept 2018)
15 Sep 2018 Sewa Atlanta: Spring Tennis Tournament 2018
14 Sep 2018 Sewa Houston: Stop Diabetes Movement Camp - Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 Public Policy and Public Health
9 Sep 2018 Sewa Cleveland - Run for Sewa 2018
9 Sep 2018 Sewa Atlanta: 5K Run
8 Sep 2018 ENCHANTING KRISHNA - Sewa San Diego 2018 Fundraiser
8 Sep 2018 Sewa NY Metro: Sports4Sewa Cricket 2018
25 Aug 2018 Sewa Atlanta: Cricket 2018
16 Aug 2018 Sewa Washington DC: SDM Workshop - August 2018
11 Aug 2018 SEWA BAY AREA BIKE-A-THON 2018
21 Jul 2018 Health Care Proxy & Living Will Workshop
21 Jul 2018 Health Care Proxy & Living Will Workshop July 21st and 22nd
10 Jun 2018 Sewa Chicago: Get Inspired Summer Internship
12 May 2018 Sewa Bay Area: Stop Diabetes Yoga Workshop 2018
6 May 2018 Sewa Day 2018 Mental Health Awareness Walk
28 Apr 2018 Annual Sewa Conference
27 Apr 2018 Sewa North Jersy - Sewa Milan
20 Apr 2018 Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM)
12 Apr 2018 Stop Diabetic Movement(SDM) 2018
17 Mar 2018 Living Will Workshop


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