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As a public charity, Sewa international is committed to financial and functional transparency.

Sewa International boasts of one of the lowest overheads in the industry. Standing at 3%, these General & Administration Expenses are made possible by our hardworking volunteers. Our Executive Team does not take any compensation in view of our mission to be selfless.

Sewa International publishes annual reports each year. For each year, the Annual Report contains:

  • Highlights of Sewa's accomplishments for the year.
  • Annual financial report.
  • Listing of Sewa Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and, the Executive Team.
  • List of all the Activities, Projects and Events done throughout the year.

Annual and Audit Reports

An annual report is a comprehensive report on Sewa International activities throughout the preceding year. The reports assess the year's operations and discuss the Sewa International view of the upcoming year and the its place and prospects.  Annual reports are also intended to give to other interested people information about the Sewa International activities and financial performance.


Annual Reports

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