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Sewa Bay Area Annual Dinner 2017


Sewa Bay Area Annual Dinner 2017
Sewa Bay Area is organizing its 3rd annual dinner on December 2nd, 2017 to recognize Sewa volunteers and community service leaders. We would like you to save the date to attend and join us in supporting Sewa International's community service efforts. This year, the event will include many of the industry executives from the Silicon Valley. As a well-respected community member and Sewa supporter, we look forward to your participation in the event. Please review the following program highlights for the annual dinner below.

Date: Saturday, December 2, 2017

Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Venue: Orchard City Banquet Hall, 1 W. Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA

Your presence at our annual dinner will be invaluable and inspiring for Sewa volunteers to continue their work in the community.

Keynote Speaker: Mr. Raju Reddy, founder and former CEO of Sierra Atlantic (bio attached)
Industry Panel Discussion: "How to Promote Volunteerism in a Corporation to Bring Positive Changes in Society". An interactive discussion with community service champions from corporate leaders who will share their insights during this panel discussion.
Youth Panel Discussion: "Importance of Youth Participation in Community Service". Sewa summer interns from the "Lead" and "Get-Inspired" programs will share their experiences on this topic.
Annual Sewa Update: Review the accomplishments of the local and international Sewa programs and projects.
Please contact at +1-203-USA-SEWA for more information about the annual dinner and Sewa Bay Area programs and services.

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