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SewaLead Milwaukee Fun Fair 2021

Please join us for this 3 hour Fun fair to chitchat with friends, play games for kids as well as adults and, enjoy heavy snacks.

Where: 2585 North Pilgrim Rd, Brookfield, WI 53005,Shed 9-Left side to the parking Lot

When:  Sat. August 14th, 2021,4PM-7PM

Registration: 5$ Per Person( Heavy snacks, games, art etc. included)

Here are some of the pictures and videos of similar event in Madison.

Individual Game stalls:

The fun fair would have multiple stalls with games and art activities. The stalls are custom crafted and run just for you by SewaLEAD teenagers. These include Henna, face painting, min to win it games etc.


Fun fair would have multiple timeslots when fun competitions would be organized for kids as well as adults. Of course, there will be prizes!

Heavy Snacks: 
Variety of chatpata snacks would be served. 

Why are we doing this:

We want to create an awareness about couple of community service efforts: 

# School Supplies for Milwaukee Public Schools

# Build good restrooms for Girls in INDIA, who would otherwise drop out of the school after adolescence.

Join us at the fun fair to know more. 

Who is organizing this: 

A group of SewaLEAD teenager volunteers have pledged to volunteer 100 hr for the community in a year. This is one of their projects.

Click here to know more and join sewaLEAD program.


This invitation is only for close families and friends of SewaLEADs. Please do not forward to others. If you have someone interested to join the party, let the SewaLEAD know and let the SewaLEAD invite that family. 

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