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Sponsor a Child Milwaukee Concert - Dil Se 2023 - Report

Sewa Milwaukee group wants to personally thank each one you for becoming a part of the Sewa Parivar last Saturday (5/13/2023), for all the encouragement during the Dil Se - Sponsor a child Sewa Milwaukee Fundraiser 2023 concert, for all the donations we received before and during the show. 

Here are key event photos 

This year was a great one, we got very good support in terms of advertisements and SaC sponsorship. Thanks a lot for all your support . Given below is the event outcome. 

Concert Statistics

The Show

450 adults & Kids attended the concert

2023 Children sponsorships:

103 Children

($37,080 raised)

Event Costs Recovered?


Children Sponsorship Target Met?


Our target was 101 and we did meet it. 

16 business sponsors

That helped recover event costs

More than 40


 Raffle Winners  

Here are the raffle winners for this year.  

Winners of Special restaurant gift certificate from Taste of India

  • Preeti Kapoor
  • Sanchita Singhal
  • Sunil Chainani 
  • Uddepa Ankam

Special Financial consultation from Raghunathan@northwestern Mutual 

  • Priyanka Sonawani
  • Sonia Singh

Others selected to get special offers from multiple business sponsors ( College Mentor - Deepali Namboothiry & Best Brains)

  • Vedanshi Rajpal
  • Pallavi Assthan
  • Shilpa Johnson
  • Kusuma Yv
  • Jeevitha
  • Sunitha Mehrotra
  • Pratima Tipnis
  • Vedanth Umesh
  • Sonal Patel
  • Aisha Tata 
  • Vihaan Kulkarni
  • Veena Ambavkar
  • Kavita Rana

Let us know if you don’t see the offers in your email

Requests for you

Volunteer Signup : Requesting Sewa Milwaukee parivar members to join the whatsapp group for volunteering opportunities

Decide next year’s concert: Please  reply to us with any change that you need and suggestions for next year’s concert.

Share on Facebook: Please share your concert photos on your facebook page and help spread the Sponsor-a-Child cause amongst your friends

Sponsor-a-Child Donation receipt: You should already have your donation receipt email. Please print and keep it for your next year tax filing purposes.

Here is a feedback from one of audience members:

At a time when everything is competing for your attention, a friend lured me into spending my Saturday afternoon,attending a Musical on AR Rahman. It was for a noble cause and I am a Rahman fan, so I obliged.

As I arrived at the gate, I was greeted by welcoming smiles from young Sewa Volunteers, who swiftly escorted me to the lunch area. Despite a huge crowd, the entire process was streamlined to allow for enough time and space to eat, mingle and socialize, well before the show started.

The show started right on time, preceded justly by Saraswati puja, Goddess who represents education, music and creativity. The spectacular production by Niche Entertainment captivated the audience with their outstanding conceptualization and performances. It succeeded in evoking nostalgic emotions from decades of growing up to the beats of Rahman music. The audience were on their feet singing and dancing to the beats of ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ and the likes. The entire auditorium reverberated with the chorus, ‘Jai Ho’.

Rightfully so, for as I learn more, I realize the same 2 words can be applied to applaud the ‘Sewa International Milwaukee mission’ and the work that they are doing.

The Sewa cause shined through in every aspect of the show, through Sewa’s mission of supporting childhood education, Community service and building leadership skills. The energy and dedication of the volunteers and their speeches forced you to introspect and left you wanting for more.

It is probably one of the best shows I have attended in recent years. It is clear what sets this show apart from the rest. This show was truly Dil se...

- Madhu Gupta

Warm regards,

Milwaukee Team |  414-465-2473 |

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