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About Milwaukee Sewa Funfair 2022 Organizers

We are a bunch of teenagers who have pledged to make a difference in the lives of 30 deserving students from India; a team who believe that "Serving Humanity is serving divinity" ; a team that has been working hard, meeting frequently on a weekly basis for more than a month now.

Here are details of each of the organizers. 

Sanvrit Mohanty: I study at Menomonee Falls, I’m in 9th grade and I like Sewa because you get to have fun while help people and developing yourself. One event I liked was the lakeshore state park cleanup because it was nice to take a morning stroll next to Lake Michigan and pick up trash.

Gargi Kelkar: Hi! I'm Gargi Kelkar. I am an 8th grader from Brookfield, Wisconsin. I enjoy doing Sewa because I get to have fun while also caring for and helping my community. I have led multiple activities at the Hebron House of hospitality (Sandwich making, Making welcome packets, and making snack packets). I like volunteering at the Hebron House because I knew that I was making a difference in someone's life, even if it was a small one. I also conducted fun games and activities for children at the Ekal Fundraiser concert, and organized and participated in the 2021 Fun Fair to raise funds for toilets in India. I also collected 100 lbs. of food for the Sewa-Diwali food drive with some of my friends. I also help organize leadership development sessions every week for teenagers like me (Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh).

Riya Tanwar: I am a senior at Franklin High School. Being a SEWA Lead is enjoyable because I get a structured way to be able to help people and a group of volunteers whom I can present new opportunities to. Helping those in need and protecting the environment are my two favorite parts of sewa. My favorite event to date was our recent bench making event where we constructed benches to serve DNR parks. SEWA helps us to internalize the values of altruism and service.

Ankita Hegde: I go to Homestead in Mequon. I will be in 10th grade. Sewa helps many people who aren’t as fortunate as some of us, we help to provide stuff like food and clothes. I liked tree planting because it always nice to help the planet become a healthier and better place! I liked cooking for the homeless shelter because is was really fun and I was proud to provide food for those who cannot afford food!

Arshia Parashar: Hello, my name is Arshia and I will be going into 9th grade at Hamilton High School. I enjoy volunteering because I can learn so many new skills while helping out my community. A few events that I enjoyed in Sewa include the bench making workshop in which I learned many new skills. Another fun event was the fun fair which taught me how to organize events and along with that, our group was able to raise money for a charitable cause!

Raghav Kondapalli:  

Anshu Sachdev:

Hello, my name is Anshu Sachdev. I joined Sewa  about two years back I have two wonderful kids.Neil and Vyom. I joined Sewa because of Neil and his high school,  pursuing multiple activities. I worked with Raghavji on many different  occasions like  tree planting. I helped  conduct the Sewa Funfair in 2021, but I mainly coordinate the discovery world museum in Milwaukee. where we helped build stem kits for under privileged children in Milwaukee.

I love community service and because of this, I wanted all my family members, especially both of my kids to be involved and I to help the community.

Muralidharan Seturaman

  I'm involved with Sewa for the last 2 years. I have been working on various projects in Sewa like making sure that Hindu Temple of Wisconsin is always clean, helping the kids in the area of the adopt-a-hhighway program and also helping them know what their rules and responsibilities are, helping them navigate through how the projects needs to be executed. I'm in this  because of my son Avanish who is a high schooler and has been serving the community in different ways but I see myself also as a great contributed to the Sewa community.

Shriram Kelkar: I stay in Brookfield, Milwaukee since 2012 and I love this community. I am originally from Mumbai, Bharat. My hobbies include drawing and Zumba. I like to play Percussion instruments like drum and Mridanga. 

I believe that god gave me a lot of things, some for me to enjoy and a lot to share with others.  I like to conduct community service activities and involve others as well along with . 

Kumud Mohanty:

I first got exposure to Sewa International this year (2022), when I enrolled my son in the Milwaukee chapter. I helped the Sewa kids make benches this year. I’m excited to work with them on the Sewa Fun Fair as well.

Ashish Parashar:

I have been involved with Sewa International for  last 2 years . I got  involved with Sewa International specifically because of my daughter Arshia and she has been an incredible motivator for me to keep contributing. I've been organizing events as a part of my occupation and used those skills in 2021 to organize races for sewa fun fair which was a big hit.

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