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Sponsor a Child Program - FAQ

Q.  How does the transaction of payment of fees happen? 

Answer: The new model of SAC has the following way of operation. The children apply directly with their parent's consent and give their request for fees. The Fees requirements are capped at Rs. 20,000 which SAC will provide to the child' school. The child has to provide the fees requirement and the fees will be deposited to the school bank account. If the child has paid then it will get reimbursed after complete surveillance done by our India team. 

Q. I want to know about the progress of the child, how can I know that ?

Answer: The program is fully online and periodic report cards and attendance sheets are uploaded on the children's profile. We are in a transition phase from the old model to the new model of operation due to FCRA rules changed by the Government of India. We are uploading new profiles of children. That's why the donors are not able to see the report cards of the child. But in the past  the donors when they logged in they could see the report card.

Q. I want to send the child a letter, how can I ?  Can I get a letter from the kid?

Answer: Yes, emails can be sent to the child, not letters. As of now the Indian team is overwhelmed with applications and disbursement of funds to children. We will be streamlining the process and by the end of this year the donors can send emails to children. Replies from children will be sent to the donor. We have been doing this in the past. Due to COVID there was a stop to all this but before that we have been connecting donors with children.

You can however send a message to the child through your account on under your profile. You can send a message to the child on the portal that will be delivered to the child by the admin

QIs it possible to meet the kid I sponsored when I visit India? 

Answer: Unfortunately, this will not be possible due to Privacy concerns of the Child. The Program has to follow the rules of Juvenile Act of India which does not allow any direct interaction with the donor and child.

Q. How do I find login information to see details of a child I sponsored?

Answer:  Please enter same email that you used to donate for the SAC. Click on forgot password and instructions would be send to your registered email address. 

Q.  How do I cancel my recurring sponsorship donations?

Answer:  Please logon to your account >> Go to my profile >> my sponsorships >> Cancel sponsorship. 

Q. Are there other ways to sponsor a child rather than a reoccurring sponsorship donation?

Answer: Yes, you can also donate a one time sponsorship donation.

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