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Dhadkan Concert Guidelines

We want to offer our audience a very good experience.  Here are some of the guidelines/requests that would help you as the audience experience an evening that you would cherish for months.

Ticketing and seating:  As with all Sewa events, the show would start promptly at 3:59 PM.  We will be ready to receive you starting at 3:30 PM so we can have you seated, mingle with your friends, and start the show promptly.

Please bring a print of the ticket if possible to help expedite your entry into the auditorium. A copy of the ticket on the phone would be a secondary option as well.

Ticket Purchase: If you or your friends need to buy additional tickets, please visit It's a better option than waiting in line at the venue.

Seat assignment: HTW auditorium doesn't have assigned seating but we will have 5 zones. You will get a wristband of the appropriate zone and ushers will guide you to your zone as well.  Please do not switch zones for your seats as much as possible.

Reserved Seats: First 2 rows would be reserved for easy access to those who would be invited on the stage.  That includes Corporate Sponsor representatives, Business Sponsors and Sewa Milwaukee Patrons.

Decorum:  Temple would be busy with many other activities and we don't want performances to be disturbed. While the performance is on, auditorium doors would be monitored in order to avoid disturbing audience and more importantly singers. Please do leave or enter the auditorium only between a transition from dance to song etc.

Dance floor and seating: We will have dance floor near the entrance side of the auditorium for those who want to dance so please do bring your dancing feel along with. We will have experts showing some easy dance moves as well in between to make it more fun.. We want you to have a blast and go home euphoric!

We will have prizes for 3 most enthusiastic dancers so please dance all you want.

Those of you who absolutely don't want to dance, please choose the seats on the other half (not door side) of the auditorium so that you can enjoy the stage performances uninterrupted.

Dinner:  Delicious Dinner would be served between 7 and 7:30 after the show is over.  It's sponsored by Café India.   Sewa is ultimate form of worship to the divinity and hence we only serve Satvik food in any Sewa events.

It takes a huge heart to sponsor food for an entire event. Humble request, please do feel free to visit Cafe India restaurant as you get time in next few months to express your gratitude if possible.

Superstar Costume Contest: Due to lack of enough participation, we will not have superstar costume ramp walk but please still feel free to dress like your favorite superstar and take a photo in front of photo booth and publish it to your social media account.  Your support in spreading the word would really help us reach our goal of 200 sponsors from Milwaukee.

Feel free to message or call on 414-563-7292 for any questions.

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