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Frequently Asked Questions
Doctors for Sewa

What is DFS
DFS--Doctors for Sewa is an initiative by Sewa International to involve passionate medical professionals in serving the community by becoming volunteers to help people in distress and provide humanitarian healthcare services to the needy.
What are the projects under DFS
Current Initiatives

1.Provide telehealth service to patients residing in India during the COVID-19 pandemic.(Organized in partnership with eglobaldoctors and American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI))
Counselling/Triaging ( Non Prescriptive guidance ) services to the community at large during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2.Procuring Used oxygen concentrators, ventilators, CPAP , BiPAP machines and other life saving equipment to send to India. To Donate click here -

3.Creating audio/visual educational materials in different languages to spread awareness about preventive measures to stop COVID-19 infections in India.

4.Efforts towards Emotional well-being of patients and families.
a.Online Workshops/Webinars

Future/LongTerm Initiatives

1.Continue with above efforts as per the need
2.Online / In person Workshops and Seminars for the local community
3.Free Clinics for the underprivileged
4.Medical Yatra
Who is beneficiary of DFS program
A section of the population that struggles for better and easy access to healthcare and services.
  • The current short term focus of DFS is the COVID-19 pandemic in India and beneficiaries will be the patients, and family members there.
  • The beneficiaries will change as per the project and the location.
How can I participate in a telehealth initiative? Where do I register ?
Currently for telehealth we are partnering with eglobaldoctors. Please register at the additional information is available at the website. For further questions please reach out to
Is Insurance covered for the eglobal telehealth program and or any other Sewa initiative under DFS?
For eglobal telehealth initiative details and the malpractice insurance is covered by the company for consulting physicians who are registered with

For other Sewa Initiatives and events or programs under DFS we will revisit this based upon the degree of involvement of the medical professionals and nature of their work.
Where do I register for future programs and initiatives by DFS
You can register by clicking “JoinUs” button on We will be sharing information about all the projects with registrants.
What is Medical Equipment Donation Program:
GIven the surge in COVID-19 Cases in India, we are currently requesting donation of the surplus and or unused Oxygen concentrators, CPAP machines, BiPAP machines, and Ventilators , Contact less thermometers and Oximeters from
  • Hospitals
  • Individual medical and non medical professionals 

All donated machines will be cleaned, tested, and equipped with recurrent supplies for immediate use upon receiving in India. For more questions please reach out to
Will the Medical Equipment donation program continue after Covid also?
Currently the plan is to continue the drive till the end of June 2021 and based on the needs assessment and feedback from the ground, we will communicate and update everyone about the program continuation.

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