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Family Welfare Campaign 2022

Giving is Human, Selfless Giving is Divine: Help Families in Need!

Families are the pillars of a harmonious society, but sudden tragic events can weaken, even break them. Emergencies such as divorce, death, and sickness throw a family into terrible hardship. Immigrant families struggle to handle these situations as they lack the community support system, and the care and concern of relatives and friends.

Accidents, violent crime, hospitalization, and domestic disputes are some common issues that a family faces. Indian American families are not an exception to this, and they need a social support system that enables them to handle crises. Recognizing this need, Sewa International, a 501(c) (3) charitable nonprofit, initiated the Family Services Program (FSP) and has helped numerous families since 2013.

The Family Services Program is a multidimensional, community service-based project that includes three main components: (1) Emergency services, (2) Health and Wellness, and (3) Education and Awareness Assistance. In addition, the program caters to the specific needs of Indian American immigrant populations. Sewa has successfully implemented this project in Boston, MA, and Houston, TX, and has served hundreds of families.

With around 600 NGOs serving a population of 85 million immigrants in the US, it is difficult for a person in need to navigate the multitude of service providers and find help for their particular problem. The FSP assistance includes home health services, grief counseling, death and bereavement services, aid during distress, Medicare/Medicaid or Social Security benefits restoration, legal services, senior citizen services, child services, domestic violence response, and poverty alleviation initiatives. Sewa's ultimate aim is to provide for and enhance the client's physical, social, and spiritual well-being.

The FSP conducts monthly Health and Wellness seminars and workshops to families. Marriage 101, Living Will, Secrets of Working with a Teen, and Raising a Culturally Balanced Child are popular FSP programs. In addition, the FSP recruits community volunteers to collaborate with local nonprofits to assist Sewa clients with their needs. The FSP is developed based on a seven-year continually running program by India Circle of Giving in Boston, MA. As a part of FSP, Sewa creates a comprehensive database of community organizations to link individuals or families in need with appropriate community organizations.

Sewa International has been actively working with various refugee communities across the US, including Bhutanese, Burmese, Cambodian, and other groups. Sewa International has been working with refugees from Bhutan since 2008 when they were provided asylum by the US Government. We have worked in nearly 20 US cities and helped 43,000 Bhutanese. Sewa inspired and supported Bhutanese refugees in starting their own community organizations to strengthen bonds and resolve conflicts.

Please donate generously to keep communities strong!

Goal: $300,000.00
Collected: $4,979.00

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