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Support the Victims of the Odisha Train Accident

In a devastating train accident in Odisha, India, over 275 people lost their lives, and more than 1,100 were injured. This mishap has caused immense grief. Families that lost their loved ones in the accident and the survivors are facing serious trauma. It may take years for them to get back to their everyday lives. Having provided relief to people in many disasters, natural and human-made, Sewa International understands their pain. We are planning their rehabilitation and preparing a series of supportive actions.

Volunteers from Sewa's partner organizations in India have participated in rescue operations near Balasore, Odisha, where the accident happened. They assisted government authorities in rescuing people and removing bodies with utmost respect and care. They have already organized a blood donation camp to help the injured, where many volunteers and local people donated blood. They have also been distributing food and other essentials to the affected people.

To help us expand the relief work, please support us by donating to Sewa. Your generosity can help assuage grief and help people overcome this tragedy.

Your support will contribute to the following:

1. Immediate relief: providing essential supplies like food, clean water, clothing, and temporary shelter to meet their urgent needs.

2. Supporting families: assisting families in coping with physical, emotional, and financial challenges, and aiding in their rebuilding process.

3. Education for children: offering stability and hope to children who lost their parents or guardians by supporting their education.

4. Long-term support for the wounded: ensuring that survivors receive ongoing medical care,

rehabilitation, and recovery support.

Sewa Bharti, India, is actively supporting the victims through various initiatives:

  • Volunteers are actively participating in rescue operations.
  • They are recovering and handing over the dead bodies with care and respect.
  • Have organized blood donation drives to support the injured victims.
  • Are aiding the injured passengers in the train accident.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference. Please share this appeal widely and join Sewa in comforting the affected.

Goal: $100,000.00
Collected: $42,122.00


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