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Support for Oja Shankar Vidyalaya, Kharasom, Manipur

The project's aim is to provide essential support for the operational needs of Oja Shankar Vidyalaya in Manipur. It encompasses several vital activities, which include:

1. Covering general operational expenses, encompassing the provision of honorarium to 12 teachers and offering daily refreshments to students for an entire year.

2. Hosting an Annual Health Camp for students.

3. Arranging both the Annual Day event and the Sports Day event.

4. Conducting an Annual Training Session designed for the teachers at Imphal.

Hence, the grants from Sewa International USA will be used to cover the general operational expenses of the school, hosting of annual health camp, conducting annual day and sports day events and annual training session for teachers. These activities will ensure accessible and quality education to underserved children from hilly areas of Manipur.

How Can You Support?

  1. Donate generously: No donation is too small! Most companies match or double the contributions! Please check your company's Matching Gift program.

  2. Sewa is a registered non-profit under IRS 501[c][3] in the US.

  3. Spread the word: Let us collectively help these communities in need.

Goal: $25,000.00
Collected: $850.00


Sarang Khadilkar

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