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Youth Services - Boston Chapter 

Program Coordinators

Rachana Singh: 

Kumar Subramanian:


The youth have always inspired the rest of us to better our world. Their idealism is infectious, and when paired with tangible action, leads to real change. The Boston chapter runs a multifaceted youth program at the intersection of aspiration and action and aims to instill the love of volunteering from an early age.  

Through the program, youth volunteers

- Have fun and build long lasting friendships with their cohorts
- Broaden their vision and perspectives by mingling with those from diverse backgrounds and experiences
- Get involved in strengthening their surrounding communities
- Feel a sense of accomplishment by participating in meaningful work
- Learn new skills and gain confidence

Program: LEAD (Leadership Engagement and Development)

Created for the college bound, LEAD by Sewa International is a fun and action oriented get-away from the mundane. Designed to cultivate volunteerism and leadership skills in high school students, it infuses them with a sense of community while experiencing the joy of giving.

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