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Sewa NorthJersey LEAD 2021

  • 1 Feb 2021
  • (EST)
  • 31 Oct 2021
  • (EDT)
  • North Jersey


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North Jersey LEAD 2021

A great opportunity to experience the joy of giving by getting involved in community service, meet socially aware community leaders, develop leadership, teamwork and organizational skills, and have fun along the way besides achieving Sewa recognition certificate and United States PVSA - Presidential Volunteer Service Award* (conditions apply).

Project location: North Jersey

Duration: Feb 2021 - Oct 2021, minimum 100 hours of community service to complete.

General Eligibility: High school students (in or in-coming) 8th-12th grader. Students need to be sincerely committed to the values of Sewa with integrity and discipline. Parent involvement is required where needed and must commit at least 8 hours on a working day.

Selection criteria: Limited seats, on first come first served basis. Equal opportunity employer. Open to all racial, ethnic, religious, and gender backgrounds.

Program fee: $100/candidate to cover costs of running the program.

Submit your application by January 31st, 2021 
Select Chapter 
New Jersey (North) Project “LEAD & GI Programs” Enter Applicant name in Comment field. Forward confirmation email to

*must be a US citizen or Permanent resident to be eligible for PVSA. All students completing 100 hrs receive Sewa Certificates irrespective of citizenship status


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