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Following this successful start, ASPIRE was also involved in the summer school program at Costano from June 24-July 19. From 8:30 am-3:30 pm, volunteers worked with sixth to eight grade students on subjects like Math, English, Critical Thinking, Gardening, Art, Drama and Debate, Coding and Music. The summer school program was also well-received, as the students, teachers, staff-members and principal all appreciated our volunteers' commitment toward the students. In fact, the school recognized the efforts of Sewa International during its showcase on the last day of the summer school program.

This academic year, Sewa International continues to serve the students of Costano Elementary School during its afterschool program. Volunteers work with 58 students in grades 2-5 three days a week from 4-6 pm, stimulating the students' curiosity and providing them the personal help they need to succeed. Please consider a donation of your time or money to help us continue to support these and other underprivileged students in the Bay Area


"Enjoyed my experience volunteering with Sewa as part of the ASPIRE program. The ability to give back to kids in our local area is deeply satisfying" - Raghuram Belur, ASPIRE volunteer

"Volunteering in an underprivileged area like East Palo Alto also allows me to witness the challenges the kids face" - Prasann Ranade, ASPIRE volunteer

"Some students who were not ready to read before, showed a lot of interest in reading when I read with them" - Mrinal Joshi, ASPIRE volunteer

"When a student comes up with brand names for the paper shirts/crafts made in the classroom, I feel truly proud of the student and his/her creativity. This makes me very happy" - Gajanan Dhapodkar, ASPIRE volunteer

"When a student asks her mom to wait so that she can finish a math problem, instead of running home, you know you are making a difference" - Mallika Dhapodkar, ASPIRE volunteer

"Thank you Dr. D (Sewa Volunteer - Gajanan Dhapodkar) for helping us with homework. I have learned many things including math and creative artwork" - Katherinne, 2nd Grader

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