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  • 18 Dec 2023 11:00 PM | Sewa International (Administrator)

    "This too shall pass!" is the wise saying that guided me through a transformative period in mid-2023. After 25 years in corporate life, I felt my intuition compelled me to break free from the routine to seek more meaning, create an impact, and have the gratification of doing something beyond self-interest.

    Gratitude fills my heart as I acknowledge the leaders of Sewa International who entrusted me with the vision of running an after-school program for underserved children. Despite being new to the task, I felt inspired by the vision, propelling me to learn, adapt, and navigate this uncharted territory.

    Today, it brings me immense joy to witness the transformation of the ASPIRE program (Achieving Students Progress, Instilling Resilience, and Excellence) from a mere concept to a fully funded initiative. The program serves multiple NUSD schools (Newark Unified School District).

    ASPIRE's programs thrive in Newark, CA schools: Schilling Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, and Coyote Hills. Strong partnerships with organizations like Think Together and Newark District have enabled us to engage over 400 students during school and after-school initiatives, making a tangible difference in their educational journeys.

    In the last two months, ASPIRE tutors have dedicated over 350 hours to support students, showcasing our commitment to students’ critical developmental years. Going beyond academics, ASPIRE envisions holistic development, with plans to introduce robotics, mental wellness, and arts & and crafts programs. We are also gearing up to prepare students for competitions like Geography B and FLL (FIRST LEGO League), nurturing in students useful skills and a love for learning.

    A much-needed educational program -- Cultivate Acceptance, Love & Mindfulness (CALM) -- supported by Sewa and an AmeriCorps grant followed soon and came under my radar. We envision a future where mental health is universally understood, valued, and supported, enabling every individual to lead a life of emotional balance, resilience, and fulfillment.

    CALM aims to reach over 1,600 individuals across eight cities through eighty-plus workshops, weekly yoga, meditation, and mindfulness activities, creating transformational change.

    Practicing Sewa’s key mantra -- Together We Serve Better -- is the only way to make these impactful programs successful. Over the last few months, I have enjoyed interacting with mayors, city council members, Representatives of Congress, school board superintendents, and members of many other nonprofit organizations.

    Here are key reminders that have shaped my journey:

    • The environment shapes you: Be mindful of your surroundings as they profoundly influence your growth.
    • Good intentions manifest: The universe aligns to fulfill the desires of those with good intentions.
    • Aspire to inspire: Before our time expires, inspire others.

    The key takeaway is that impactful transitions are not just about change but about embracing the lessons, finding purpose, and leaving a positive mark in this world.

    -Sudha Prabhunandan, ASPIRE, Bay Area

  • 21 Dec 2021 12:47 AM | Sewa International (Administrator)

    Sewa Bay Area chapter’s annual banquet was held this past weekend at the Sewa Community Center and at the adjoining Auditorium at Milpitas, California.

    The event started off with Deepa Prajwalan (lighting of the lamp) and was attended by a very diverse crowd of over 200 people which included several dignitaries,, supporters, partner organizations, public officials, donors, Youth volunteers and their families.

    Several beneficiaries gave live testimonies and thanked Sewa for making a difference in their lives. This gave a good insight to the donors and event attendees about Sewa’s accomplishments.

    Keynote Speaker KARL MEHTA (Founder & CEO of EdCast Inc.), talked about the true meaning of Vasudeva kutumbakam shown in action by Sewa.

    Sewa Bay Area Projects and new initiatives were showcased along with the youth Empowerment Programs (LEAD, ASPIRE and Empower) .

    The audience was entertained with a medley of Indian Bollywood music by a young adult Abhinav Simha.

    4 partner organizations were recognized for their outstanding partnership with Sewa.: Corporate partner of the Year went to Intel for their contribution to Sewa COVID help Agape Silicon Valley - partner of the Year award for their outstanding work with the unhoused people Buddhist Temple- partner award for serving the seniors with weekend food program and American India Foundation - Special COVID Warrior Award.

    The Prestigious Sewa Excellence award went to Anjali Rimi of Parivar Bay Area for her outstanding work in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Sewa Bay Area is very proud of her work towards the upliftment of the transgender community.

    Our Second Guest Speaker: Dr. CATHERINE MOHR (President of the Intuitive Foundation) gave an inspirational talk on "Striding forward for a bright post-pandemic future"

    The leads for local Disaster relief, COVID food help, homelessness prevention effort, Family Services, and international projects gave a glimpse of these activities in their own words and made an appeal to volunteers to join the team.

    The event ended with a Vote of Thanks to all the Partner Organizations, Volunteers, Donors, Corporates and the local community.

    As the Bay Area President Dr. Anurag Mairal said, Thanks for making 2021 a great year for Sewa International Bay Area Chapter. We are truly grateful to each and every one of you.


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