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Bill of Responsibilities Summit (BoRS)

This is an Initiative to bring together California leaders such as Elected Officials, civil society representatives, community leaders and other non-profit organizations to discuss and formulate actionable strategies to address critical issues of homelessness, food security, health security, right to education, and disaster relief. The proposed summit aims to generate a sense of shared responsibility among stakeholders and collaborate on effective solutions that prioritize the well-being of individuals and communities. Read more...

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The Sewa International, Bay Area, CA Chapter invites enthusiastic individuals to come forward and help us in our initiatives. Enroll yourself as a volunteer.

Upon enrollment as a volunteer, you will be included in the Sewa Bay Area Volunteers Email Group and WhatsApp Group. This will ensure that you receive regular updates regarding chapter events, activities, and volunteering opportunities.





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Sewa Bay Area is one of the most active Sewa chapters with a wide range of projects and activities like Case Management, Disaster rrecovery, Serve community projects partnered with local nonprofits, the Lead high school community service program, and a summer mentorship for college students. This chapter continues to grow and help families in the San Francisco Bay Area regardless of color gender, race, religion, or national identity. All are encouraged to participate, volunteer, and donate to this growing chapter.

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Sewa International - Bay Area chapter is the most active Sewa chapters with a wide range of projects and activities covering all dimensions of Sewa – Disaster Relief and Rebuilding, Family Services, ASPIRE, LEAD, COVID-19, Wildfire Relief and Volunteering in the local community.

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